My inner reflections #1

Daily life is a dazzling creation of minutes, moments, reflections, events, motions and rhythm of life. We either feel we’re going smoothly, flowing through the day or stumbling. Feeling weary one moment or super excited and blissful.
Although I live and breathe a Holistic Lifestyle, i’m not immune to getting stressed, worried and upset. I feel those waves and they do touch me.
At present I’m able to zone into a peaceful bubble (far easier now than once upon a time in the Eleni world!!!!) My emotional headspace has a few techniques up her yoga sleeve BUT I will not start with the obvious ones.
Part of it is age. Yes, the positive outcomes about age and getting older is that you get wiser and more accepting. You are not bothered or troubled about little things, things that are not important in the scheme of our lives.
What pops in my head is ” I don’t give a ….”
It’s TRUE!!!!!
I have no time for people who are super inconsiderate, rude, resentful, negative, judgemental and hurtful. So i’m cheering about becoming older, and life’s timespan is teaching me to be more humble and accepting of life. I can’t control others, but I can control my reaction to situations. I can turn the stress dial down.
The yoga lessons that come into this are:
* I can communicate with honesty and integrity – hello Throat Chakra-Vishuda. To be able to speak up has been my hugest achievement in 2017. I have my own back and i’m not expecting the Universe to always help out. Part of opening the communication channels has been asking for help when I need it.
* I can breathe, with control, calmness and focus. Anywhere and anytime. In a car, on a plane, in the cinema, while getting a tattoo, while socialising etc.
* work with an affirmation – Don’t fear, breathe and thrive or love and just be
* Meditate at moments through the day (instead of going on a social media wander path)
* Find a positive thread in a situation (part of my personality is that I live for positive vibrations, and to bring the best to my soul as well as the people that I interact with daily)
I have more inner reflections mini blogs coming as we head towards the end of our marvellous 2017.
May we all be blessed with love, health, happiness and safety

Yoga and homeopathy for a more centred you

There was one moment, a minute, a few minutes in class yesterday, where I was teaching and I felt I was flying. Submerged into a moment were it was all so effortless and dream-like. Where I knew and felt surrendered to the moment. Where I actually couldn’t think, yet words were coming out of my mouth. I was…….in a moment of serenity, a bubble, a cluster of time so so small but so magnificent for me.


I love teaching and I love people. I’m loud, love a giggle, and I constantly experience crazy, funny and not so funny moments in my life (like we all do). I’m just more transparent. I tell you everything!!!!
And I love humanity – the human connection is missing in so many aspects of our lives. I love the ritual of heading to a class, entering a space, connecting with music, fragrances of candles and incense, chatter, sharing, to be part of something. As a group of yogis, you encounter this moment, this class. Practising yoga in your own body and breath, but linking Prana with individuals that you may have never met in your normal lives. A yoga class is a self-connection and moment of belonging. Feeling your skin, listening to your breath. You fight your doubts and your myriad thoughts – filled with a random clusters of conversations, such as “damn my hip”, “ohhhh look at that toe!! I need a pedicure”, “Wow I have not paid my phone bill”, “hmmm I should have said hello to him/her.” hahaha does that sound familiar?
Twelve years into running my yoga studio, I would like to thank you all!!! Every yogi from the past, present and future. You have allowed me to live my dream. My confidence in my choice of a career and way of life has resonated well for me. This is my calling.
My homeopathic practice is moving steadily along, although I am not breaking even with the amount of study and daily investments I put into this modality including the cost of remedies, seminars, the associations that I belong to etc. But not all that we do is for a monetary profit.
I listen and I feel I’m a healer. I connect to your sorrow with the energetic manifestation of homeopathic remedies. I love regular medicine but I believe, like so many of my clients are realising, it won’t always serve your mind and body. It’s like yoga – sometimes we need a few rounds of sun salutes to get our groove, or a longer savasana to just BE.
Homeopathic remedies create a balance were somewhere there has been a halt! If this inbalance is not looked at, other parts of our physical, spiritual, emotional and spiritual body start to suffer.
I treat myself homeopathically-  but I also see my Homeopath (who I have been seeing for the past 11 years). It’s the most amazing feeling. I can express my utmost fear and concerns or whatever has truly upset me. I’m listened to without prejudice – and  a remedy is prescribed to me. I feel that “aaaaahhhhhh” moment.  Super balanced within.
If you have never experienced a homeopathic treatment maybe this is your time (or maybe not).  It’s not about fixing you or detoxing you or a 6,8 or 10 week program. It’s to have you more centered and being the best version of yourself.
Thank you so much for taking this time to read my blog.
PS. A big thank you to all the yogis who sponsored me for the Cathy Freeman Foundation for this year’s City to Surf. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
See you in a class, at the long weekend yoga retreat or on Social Media.

August reflection

Happy August!!!!!

Many of you are celebrating Leos in your life, or perhaps you are a fabulous Leo like my Mum. Personally I’m celebrating this last month as the countdown to the time we will escape winter and enter Spring. But of most significance this month – is that on 22nd of August 2005, I registered my Yoga studio as a business. 12 years in business. Something which I never even dreamed of.
In 2005 I made the conscious decision that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to run a holistic health space for yoga, meditation, relaxation, movement, creativity, healing, homeopathy, natural products and anything to support our individual health, which reaches out to our families and friends, our community and the planets. Did I hit the brief??
I started with no financial back up, there are no investors or partners. Doubts and fears, you ask? How much time do you have to read this?
It could not have lasted if these two crucial elements were not present:
1: My mum (Gina, Ginsky, real name-Regina Anna) who has continually given me the support, the will, and the abundant confidence to make me feel like I could do anything!!!!!! When someone believes in you it’s the Biggest Bonus of Life. Believe me, at times I have lost the courage. I have felt so down, so overwhelmed and doubtful. Questioning how I could I continue? Am I crazy?? Love you GIIINNNAAAA!
2: YOU!!!!!! You Yogi out there reading this, you are the reason I am living my dream. Through the years you have recommended me to your closest and dearest. How blessed am I to have students like you!!! You truly are the best. No matter if you have attended my classes for a short period of time, a few months, 7-8 years or even 12 years!!! You have learned from me, but I also have learned from you.
I have built an extensive Homeopathic practise – my second profession and you have trusted me with your emotional and physical disharmonies.
So many yogis are my friends and confidantes. I love it!!
When I started there was no social media, no websites. Just a phone number!!! A world of no Instagram (WT?!)
It’s been an emotional last few days as I have been reading old diary entries about my love of Yoga and teaching, which was unleashed in 2002. Reading my reflections really cemented that this is my calling.
Lots of plans for Spring and Summer, so watch out Yogis!!!
On Tuesday 22nd August there will be a Yoga Marathon beginning 5:30pm and finishing 8:30/9:00pm. Birthdays are about birthday cake and I have been in deep thought about what cake it will be 🙂  You can attend as a normal class starting 5:30 till 7pm or stay until 8:30/9pm if you still have the energy. Normal cost of class will apply (I will make sure if you are leaving at 7pm that you will get some cake!)
Oh, and there will be prizes. Super exciting.
Love to you all. Let we embrace Yoga and it’s foundation of unity.

Health – my approach

We have down dogged, balanced and lengthened through and already reached midway through the year!!! Hello Winter 2017.

I’m in awe of everyone’s dedication, how much you have improved in your Yoga practise and also how you have welcomed guided relaxation and meditation more and more into your classes.

Yoga is the tool that saw my own wellbeing improve out of sight. The practise, the breathing and the meditative focus of living in a space of peace has made my life (as I am heading into my mid-40’s!) better then ever. With getting older and being around the health and movement industry for a solid 24 years, my definition of health goals and wellbeing have definitely shifted, by looking at a collective of all my students daily.
1: Community, Communication and Interaction
Socialising and connecting, communication, support and respect. I cannot describe how important it is to me for yogis to step into a class and to be acknowledged with a “Hello, how are you?” Yoga is conducted in a space of sharing  and brings likeminded, caring people together (something our big city is seemingly starting to lack more and more – humanity). To talk, to share, to have a conversation. I’m such a proud Yoga Mumma when I observe students introducing themselves to new students or striking up a conversation with someone in the class afterwards. We talk and see the same people everyday, but how do we reach out to meet others? Are we more isolated then ever before? I love social media but do you truly feel connected in your soul? There are countless studies in medical and psychology journals about how social interaction helps us fight depression, improves our immunity and helps older adults to combat the ageing process. So get chatting yogis, meet and greet and be open to conversation, and of course I will get cracking to organise some more yoga socials!
2: Chemicals and fake substances destroy our health and our planet’s health.
It is so unfortunate that we live in an unhealthy environment. Sydney, you really are a polluted mess!!! The air we breathe is a toxic cocktail of pollutants, and unfortunately so is your hairdressing salon, nail studio, public transport, clothing, homeware, fast food, the majority of items in the supermarket aisles, beauty and make up products, 24-hour gyms, oceans and …….. the list is endless. Rubbish and plastic sucks – the amount of McDonalds bags of rubbish that Mum and I pick up from outside our house is friggin’ shocking!!! I feel we need to step up our environmental consciousness that bit higher and strive to lead a chemical-free daily life. This is real, everyone!! Just for June, try looking at the following:
  • In the shower at the start and end of day – in every product you use, how many chemicals are listed? Also, that packaging – can it be refilled? Recycled?
  • Hair products and make up – do you need to use all those products? Are they tested on animals? Do you choose the less toxic brands?
  • How much plastic and plastic bags are you using daily? No, really!!!
  • Food???? Are you reading the ingredients? The more the numbers on a product list, the more concern you should have about ingesting it!!!
Am I a perfect advocate of a chemical free life? No!!! I love to drink Pepsi Max at times, which is a cocktail of chemicals and carcinogens. I wear Yoga tights and some of my Yoga wear is made from synthetic substances so BOOOOO meee!!! But I’m trying, shifting and getting super real with myself. Chemicals impact our health of body and mind, today and in the future. This planet is not renewable.
One of the immediate changes I have decided to make is that all the food we sell in the studio will now be in recyclable glass containers (or you can bring your own containers). Even all vegan and vegetarian soups will be in glass containers and when you return them you get a $1 refund back!
Love to us all. Compassion and deep gratitude for all that we have.

All about the March yoga retreat

It was the first retreat of the year and what was on everyone’s mind: Is the rain going to stop? With the blessings of the universe, there was clear, stunning, hot weather all weekend.

I jam packed the car with everything but the kitchen sink and I was so grateful that yogi Emily helped by letting us fill her car as well with goodies for the retreat.

I love road trips and of course there were stop offs to Berry both on the way there and back (the markets at Berry showground were amazing!!!)

Yoga and fitness were the main highlights with sessions conducted on grass in the amazing space at the back of the house and on the sand. The beach was a five minute walk from our beautiful accommodations, with an amazing stretch of sand and wonderful views. Everyone was sublime in getting up early in the morning – I loved the commitment that all the participants had.


IMG_0934Yoga outdoors is the most amazing feeling and although I feel it’s harder to practise standing balances in an outdoor setting, everyone just nailed it!!!! Walking and running on the sand was total bliss and lengthening and stretching the body with the sound of the waves was just beautiful. Hearing the call of nature rather then cars and buses and angry drivers beeping at each other was my heaven. It’s amazing how deep the noise pollution can be in the city (including all the notifications and beeps that come from everyone’s phones!)

After our sessions we would walk back to the house where food was ready to be devoured with many choices and wonderful flavours to be explored. My mother Regina/Gina/Ginsky is a star and the yogis just fell in love with her and her food. Her fan club has grown with more members than ever. Yes, her kitchen even offered meat, seafood, coffee, alcohol, IMG_0983 IMG_1031chocolate and dairy, but all in a balanced ratio, and prepared with the utmost care and love. Many organic choices were on offer, including drinks. I admire a woman who can whip up a Moussaka with eggplant she has grown and picked from her garden just prior to leaving. Her stuffed calamari with rice, vegetables and her secret flavours was another hit. Both Mum and I are vegetarians and she does not eat chicken or eggs, but her omelettes with kale, tomatoes and Greek cheeses were so divine. A raw salad of beetroot and her special touches even had to be remade for dinner on Saturday night because everyone ate it and could not believe the flavours.

Thank you to ALL the amazing yogis who attended from different locations in Sydney. They had to plan so much so they could attend to there souls and bodies for the weekend. I truly hope you enjoyed it and I appreciate all the feedback.

Also stay tuned for more fabulous getaways xxxxxx

Callala Beach Yoga Retreats 2017

Situated in the beautiful Jervis Bay region of the South Coast of NSW, is Callala Beach. Join me for a fabulous yoga getaway to this incredible location, staying in a quaint house, and a weekend of beach yoga, relaxation, meditation, swimming, fitness and delicious, freshly made food. There are only 8 places available for each retreat.


Retreat #1: 4pm Friday 31st March to 3pm Sunday 2nd April.

Retreat #2: 4pm Friday 26th May to 3pm Sunday 28th May (NOTE THIS RETREAT HAS BEEN CANCELLED AS AT 18TH MAY 2017)


  • Accommodation
  • Yoga, fitness and meditation sessions
  • All food
  • All drinks (yes, including some wine!)

What you need to bring:

  • Your fun vibes
  • Yoga gear, swimmers
  • Linen – towels, bed sheets and pillows


Book and pay before Wednesday 8th March for the special early bird price of $400 per person.

For bookings after Wednesday 8th March, the price is $450 per person.

How to book:

Notify me via email. Please note which retreat you would like to book, and any dietary requirements in your email.

Just 8 places are available at each retreat, and bookings will be taken as first in, best dressed. Your place will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Thank you and I’m excited!!

Eleni xx

The year that was 2016 (and what’s up in 2017!)

2016 was the year where I started teaching without a wall in front of me in a split room position and carpet burn (hahaha!)
It was a crazy set up but it worked for 11 years!!!
2016 was the year that I opened my studio in a new location and it became OUR new yoga studio.  I was (and still am) so excited to start a new chapter for Eleni’s. At times, I’m overwhelmed, but I also feel this has just been my calling in life.
2016 was the year that I started to host fabulous workshops with amazing yogis and teachers of different disciplines of movement. Persian Yoga and Circular Strength Training with Kashi, a Prana Wheel Workshop with Sara from Ocean Love Yoga, Johnny Ivan Vasilj taught Fundamentals of Handstands and we even held an Introductory Workshop To Hooping with Spin Joy Hoop Dance.
In 2016, the most popular classes on the timetable were Saturday 8:30am General Yoga and Monday 7pm Open Yoga.
In 2016, the least attended class was Monday 5:30pm Gentle Yoga and Meditation.
In 2016, as in the past, there was a surge of new students from all walks of life.
And 2o16 was the year where more than ever more male students entered the yoga space and were willing to explore and make it a weekly ritual for themselves.
In 2016, students attend two classes a week on average, which is fabulous!!! I truly hope some more yogis will start making that commitment (you will not regret it.)
In 2016, I taught a crazy number of classes – around 565 (not including my own practise and self-development workshops). I also took the step to cancel classes which at times had less than 3 or 4 students booked to attend (so please confirm your attendance and bookings!)
In 2016, I planked around 1,980 times, lunged 2,000 times and did about 3,000 down dogs. My forearm plank stories were either extreme entertainment or lately very sedate as I am having a hiatus from dating. My swearing and talking in class have remained consistent.
In 2016, more students than ever booked in for Homeopathic consultations. My orders for remedies increased 200%.
In 2016, the most popular food on the yoga menu was Gina’s Vegetarian Gemista and Coconut Rice Puddings.
In 2016, the most purchased holistic products were eye bags, summer body oil and eco sustainable yoga mats.
And now it’s 2017!
So, what’s ahead?? More fabulous workshops and yoga classes with Sunday mornings dedicated to outdoors.
Yoga Freedom Retreats, in Australia and Greece. No timetables, no strict itineraries. Not for the fainthearted, but you will not regret it. Adventure, yoga, ocean, movement and creativity. A total commitment to you. Stay tuned.
In 2017, I hope the world will become a more peaceful place.
There are loving, caring souls out there. I encounter them every day. I feel blessed that you share your personal journeys with me. We travel through such challenging moments in our lives but I also feel you yogis have been there for me.
I am truly grateful.
Big love everyone and see you on your mat sometime in 2017

Special workshop


Saturday 5th Of November
Workshop with Johnny (@talldarkandhanstand)

Join us for this fun workshop featuring handstand and upside down fundamentals with a funky Vinyasana flow component. Bookings are essential!

Cost: $40 for members, $45 for non-members

Be careful, because you might have fun

As I’m embarking on the 12th year of my studio, I have to say it’s not always been easy. Small business ventures are hard!!!! In every sector of our community.

I have struggles the same as everyone else. What has helped me constantly is that my day is filled with  bursts of fun. Yep, I have fun!!! I have joy in my work and I teach with the element of fun. I love to laugh and I so look forward to my classes and my days of teaching.
When was fun not taken seriously for us to feel in yoga?
Why is everything we do daily another tick or cross on the to-do-list?
I just don’t want  yoga to be one more thing to be ticked off in our weekly to do list.
Joy, fun and happiness are such important feelings that can be facilitated from our yoga practise, our meditation, our conscious breathing and cleansing rituals.
We all come to the yoga mat for different reasons ranging from mobility, strength, flexibility, to assist and prevent injuries, stress relief, unity, health, manage anxiety, to assist depression, mindfulness and so much more.
As we get on our mats we feel our bodies restrict us or our thoughts: “Why am I not more of this? (flexible, coordinated, thinner, stronger, better at balances, able to get a posture etc) and boom, we get down on ourselves. Then we have a look on Instagram and freak out at the thousands of  yoga models  and range of practitioners and question our practise.
Please don’t!!!! Fun and yoga can mix!!!! Come to yoga to feel and not just do.
So what if there’s something we can’t do? We constantly learn.
Learning is fun, adapting is fun.
Wondering at times “what the hell is my body doing?” Yep, that’s fun too.
Sometime, the best yogis are kids! I love teaching kids, because their hearts are glowing in lightheartedness.
Every kid, even if they have not been shown formally, will perform a downward facing dog and alternate raising a leg.
Yes, they love anchoring their head down as well and I go NO, NO, NO WITHOUT STOPPING THE FUN.
We have to do so many things in life such as pay bills, (yep, like yoga fees), clean the bathroom, study for exams, wash, clean, put petrol in the car.
Just please don’t let yoga be another element that hangs for us as a duty.
Gratitude is massive – be grateful that we got on the mat, and that equals an internal smile.
I aim to have a laugh when I teach. I’m not a quiet, serious yoga teacher (and at times I do love serious quiet yoga teachers) but I feel joy in interacting with all the yogis.
We go through a journey of self discovery constantly. Laughter is the best medicine. It has lifted my soul.
So don’t feel that yoga is all doom and gloom.
Connection of mind and body=fun
Mindfulness and self awareness=fun and joy
We are all pure beings of light.
We want health, vitality, energy, calmness, a smile and laughter – and mine can be a snorting chuckle!!!!
With the start of Spring we feel a new energy and perception of life and love. Ask yourself: Do I have bursts of fun during the day?
Come to yoga and it will uplift you in so many ways. But be careful, because you might have fun.


11:00am – 1:00pm – Saturday 24th September
$45 (pre-booked) or $55 on the day

Screenshot 2016-07-20 08.33.07The Prana wheel is designed to cultivate flexibility in the spine and open the heart. Prana Wheel workshops are designed for you to expirience the benefits that come with regular use of a Prana wheel. You will explore different ways to improve flexibility, strengthen and deepen your backbends plus we embrace a huge element of play into our two hour workshop. The instructor will take you through step by step how to effectively and safely use the Prana Wheel. Whether you decide you want your own Prana Wheel or not, there is huge benefit in joining in a workshop. Everyone is welcome our Prana wheel workshops are suitable for the complete newbie to yoga to the experienced yogi. Plus they are super fun and you will be left feeling fantastic!

Book now