Resilience + Perseverance

The theme of this blog – the last one of 2019 – has been inspired by an unknown: a young kid who I see kicking and practicing soccer at my local park every afternoon.

He is no older than 13 or 14 and he says ‘hello’ whenever I walk past with my crazy dog Jedda. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, rain or shine, he’s there, concentrating on going through the drills. He does not have a coach or mum or dad going through the drills with him, he’s just on his own. He practices non stop – so dedicated and in the moment. A strong mindset, a strong inner purpose. Time is of no consideration to him.

Such a resilient young soul, he just radiates. Like an old Nanna, I always whisper: may he be blessed with all the luck in the world.

Personally I feel I have needed to have resilience and perseverance in spades this year. I have definitely been spoilt in the past, with my annual trip to Greece. Greece is my inspiration – a portal to creativity and wellbeing, an essential part of my life. This year I actually took no holidays. Zilch, just public holidays. Of course, no violins serenading here, I am blessed to work in my dream jobs. Healing, health, yoga, movement – it’s soul-inspiring work. I am surrounded by such nice, nice, nice people, I have no words.

Getting to a yoga class week in, week out requires such perseverance and discipline. So many of you did that. Some yogis never missed a week of practise this year. I find that extraordinary. I feel so in awe of you. Morning practitioners, afternoon, evenings. Some yogis running 5-10 minutes late to make class, leaving kids to designated baby sitters, dashing post work, to not miss their class.

This year I truly noted how far some students have progressed in their practise. Regulars who truly stepped it up. And up. And up!!! Yogis who were beginners who are now just so strong and smooth, beautiful, mindful operators.

My Homeopathic practise has also been a blessing. Even in my personal life as well, when I see the benefits that my clients experience. For me, Homeopathy took care of me, and it was on the sphere of the mind. My compulsive mindset. My anorexia in my early 20’s later saw me become exercise obsessive and food obsessive. I counted my daily food intake relentlessly and I set my own warped standard to follow. I punished myself by restricting food and adding more exercise. Over the years, behaviour patterns like that become normal. But self awareness and the will to change took over. I could not continue to live like that. My body complained, I had no periods for one stretch of three years, then in my 30’s, I experienced six years of amenorrhea. My mind at times would add and subtract what I ate 40 or 50 times a day until I felt satisfied. The the next day came and it started again.

My first Homeopath, who still is and was also my lecturer, steered me to a remedy that was so subtle. I will never forget, I was walking with my Mum on the sand at Brighton Le Sands, and I turned to her and said: “Today I have not made a mental list of all that I have consumed.” I was so surprised!! And the best feeling was realising that WOW, my mind was at rest, and I could do other things. Another of those WOW moments was when I experienced a progressive guided relaxation class with my late teacher, Acharya Upendra Roy.

Homeopathy took off this year like a rocket, and I have officially practised for 10 years. 10 years of Perseverance and Resilience. I’m happy that I did not give up, I kept up my registration requirements, and education. I continued even when some months the work that came was at a snails pace.

Life is at times such a challenge, but so wonderful and amazing. Thank you for choosing me as your yoga teacher, guide, Facilitator, Homeopath, friend. Truly I cannot ask for anything more.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate the religious/Christian aspect of this holy day like I do.

Otherwise, a Happy Happy 2020 and an amazing festive season for whatever you are celebrating. I wish you a year with more love, connection, health, peace and blissful smiles and hearts. There is no room for anything else.

PS. I wrote this blog before the week of the great fires that have engulfed our state and caused, among other devastation, such poor air quality in Sydney. Well, this kid still practised on those afternoons. Never give up.