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What I’m Learning from the Younger Generation

Or, how are they influencing me? That’s maybe the best description. I feel I embrace change wholeheartedly. Look at this year—I’ve gone blond! But we are a world apart from the younger generation. I’m 50 years old and edging toward… My connection to different age groups is definitely what I love and embrace, both in […]

Adapting through Changes: Lessons from the Yoga Mat

As colder weather sets in, the days become shorter, and the seasons change, so does our yoga practice. We require more time to limber up, standing yoga postures may take up a larger portion of our class, and we may need to break out the blankets for added warmth and comfort during savasana. It’s getting […]

Summer of love

In February we started to really sit and enjoy the positive and uplifting vibes of 2023. It’s month of love and (finally) a beautiful season of Summer. It has being the loveliest experience to meet and teach so many new yogis, as well as having past students coming back to rejoin our studio. Yoga courses have thrived and have […]

Healing and rebalancing

Spring has been so strong and powerful. Longer days, a bit more sunshine, we are all smiling that little bit more. Personally, my stress levels have hit the roof. It all started with my poor mum falling and fracturing her skull. She was in so much pain, and the worst part was that she could not fly to Greece due […]

Is 2021 flying by (or is it just me?)

Well, we’re nearly saying goodbye to April and May is just about here (or maybe by the time you read this it will be May already!) We are all reflecting lately on how fast is each week going by. Is 2021 flying?? I’m still having trouble remembering that the year is not 2020 (case in point, when […]

Small businesses = BIG hearts <3

One day, I decided to buy perfume. So damn random because I never buy commercial perfume, and I have never bought a perfume with a celebrity’s name or from a couture house (but damn I love J.Lo haha). I just use natural, handmade essential oil mixes or natural perfumes and body sprays. I entered this perfumery […]

Spring makes me happy + a homeopathy story

In Spring, I feel like I’m on holidays. My music selection for classes probably reflects that. Yoga is my number one de-stressor. What I try to do in every class is really honour the reason of why on that day you have chosen to come to class – it’s all important for me. Sustaining our practise is […]