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Winter is almost over

Days are looking brighter, and come late afternoon we all have started to notice it’s getting dark later. How much do we all miss sunny, warm days??!!!! I have never worn so much clothing in my life. Winter 2022 has been a two-way experience for the yoga community with yogis either attending two yoga classes every week, with […]


We have come to the  the halfway point to 2022, yogis. Truly unbelievable. We’ve been reflecting each week with the yogi gang (“ohhh today is the second week of February can you believe it? mmmmm hello, it’s the last Friday of April, wooooow last weekend of May” etc etc)  The year is flying!!!! And as time passes, I’m […]

Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio, now also at Activ Therapy Clemton Park

Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio, now also at Activ Therapy Clemton Park, situated in Clemton Park Village. Introducing my new Winter Yoga and Movement Health Series: 22nd June to 11th August at Activ Therapy Clemton Park @activtherapyclemtonpark. Eleni will be conducting two weekly classes: Yoga Core class – 10am Wednesdays Gentle Yoga Flow class – […]

Creating new patterns

We have had waves of uncertainty so far into the year 2022, carrying over from  the end of 2021. COVID infections surged  and all of us crossing fingers and toes that we did not get sick and test positive so we could head to our planned summer holidays – including me travelling to Queensland with my […]

My top 5 ways to navigate the end of 2021

I have felt that everyone really just wants this month to end. Wait – more like this year to end! It’s like a feeling of let’s wrap it up, see ya 2021 and let’s try again for 2022. Of course, rushing for the finale does mean we miss how precious each day is. We have […]

Private yoga lessons post lockdown

Thank you to all the yogis who took up the COVID lockdown special offer of one to one lessons with me for $50 per session in the park. Ohhh yeahhhh and with masks (which we do not need for outdoors anymore, wooohooo) Teaching one to one outdoors during this winter and Spring was amazing – […]

Google reviews

Yogis, I have started to look at my business in a different light and I have had some amazing support and mentoring by someone very special. Google reviews is one of those steps I had to take to build my business. It made me realize that this is a great and important addition in ensuring […]

Celebrating our Sweet 16

August is an empowering month with the strength of Leos. A month of harsh realities. A month of inner strength. A month of constant change. A month of frustration. A month of tears. But I don’t wish today’s blog to go down the road of Coronavirus – we talk about it 24 hours a day all over the world. Vaccinations, […]

A new studio, a new perspective

I’m so excited and happy to be writing this blog post. Eleni’s Yoga has moved to a new location at 59 Jarrett Street Clemton Park. I have a new way of working, a new business plan, a new energy flow – but at the end of the day, it’s still the same old me. A […]

Reflections and updates of Autumn 2020

Hi everyone, I cannot express how amazing I feel. There’s a strength in my mind and body, a trustful energy of protection and positivity. There were many moments of OMG over the last few weeks! Thoughts of: I don’t want to get sick I don’t want my parents – or anyone else in the world – to […]