My current yoga lessons on and off the mat

This blog has been written with the continuous transition of the sun becoming brighter and our days getting warmer and longer. Here’s what I am shifting into deeper (and maybe you as well, yogi reader.)

Awareness of my current space and state of being. So much can be missed if we’re busy, stressed and not well rested. It’s the tiny beautiful moments in life that can be missed because we fail to just sit and observe. To be present. When I look at my niece as she is drawing her pictures, her facial expressions change by the seconds.!!!!! So cute and precious.
Our phone addiction is taking so much away from us. Let’s stop recording our lives and just live them.

With Awareness we can…

Feel Deeply
Breathe into body, mind, heart and to all the spaces. To feel deeply for me is to feel whole. To feel deeply you need…… well for me that’s easy: to do Yoga, to be in nature, to meditate, to be creative, to listen, to dance, to move to music, to be in the ocean, to be around people who are kind, loving and peaceful. I have no time for negative people, or selfish behaviour.
When you feel deeply, you can feel…

My coping mechanisms over the last few years are so much better. I feel lightness in situations that stress me or bring me down. My stress in the past (not that i do not get stressed now, believe me yogis  I do!!!) but in the past my stress, which would increase my anxiousness, was so overwhelming that I can best describe it as being like a stampede of horses on my heart. For that, I have fearfulness to blame. Fearfulness is such a non-constructive state in which to be. It helps with nothing!!!! The awareness of my breath and my affirmations are what is creating my lightness in the days where the load of stress increases. Affirmations are my go to, day and night.
With lightness you can achieve…

Self love and self acceptance
This lesson took me a long, long, long, long, long time to figure out and my Yoga Voice will boom this as loud as I can – and you all know how loud I can be!!!!! DO NOT WASTE BEAUTIFUL BRAIN CELLS in being consumed with your body image. There is truly more to life. I can’t have the tight abdominals that I had in my early 30’s – I can joke about it, but I truly feel comfortable and own all the stretch marks that are visible in my stomach. No six pack, so what???!!!??
Last but not least, with self love and self acceptance comes…

Self empowerment and independence
For me this is about having the ability to do what I want, when I want to do it. To strive for what is important and precious to me. My own inner strength is unlimited. We can be restricted in our society by many factors and at times that could be money,  job security, expectations etc; but that cannot define your inner courage and drive.

And now we are coming to the end which is the DON’T List. These are currently written on the chalkboard at the studio. Please yogis, if you want to add more to the list, write them on the board xxx