Welcome to my yoga studio

at 59 Jarrett Street Clemton Park

Eleni’s Yoga is a small and private boutique studio in Sydney’s Inner West.

After 15 years and two studio spaces, we departed Bexley North in June 2020 and are now based in a beautiful studio space in a private home in Clemton Park, offering both indoor and outdoor classes.

Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio also offers a mobile service for private classes, where we come to your workplace, school or home to run yoga classes designed to promote stress relief and improve the health and wellbeing of your group.

About Eleni

I have been teaching forever!!!! Specifically, 28 awesome years.

It has been an amazing journey of the universe and my enthusiasm for collaboration to get me to this path.

The path of leading, motivating, inspiring and guiding every student that attends my yoga classes to have a fun, accessible, healing, safe and peaceful yoga practice.

I started teaching aerobics classes when I turned 20 years old, with an amazing job at a Corporate Gym at Sydney Domestic Airport. Santi and Sheila, who were my bosses at the time, also brought me into the team teaching at State Parliament in Macquarie Street.

I led permanent classes at State Parliament for 8 years, as well as teaching at various gyms and fitness centres. I taught all types of classes – aqua aerobics, new body, step aerobics, spin and circuit.

Following my aerobics passion, I took a detour into the world of yoga and meditation. It came at a time in my life when everything was moving so fast. I moved and lived in a hyper fast mode. I was working so hard and I also co- owned a cafe with my Mum. It was non-stop.

Meeting my late teacher, a great man named Acharya Upendra Roy, was life changing. I could have never planned the path that followed. I became so focused on attending as many of his classes as I possibly could. I continued  by undertaking his Yoga Teacher training course, followed straight after by registering my Yoga studio on 23rd August 2005.

As I like to remind my young students at times, when I started my business there was no website, and social media was in its infancy. It was a world pre- Instagram.

I taught yoga full time and continued personal training and studying Homeopathy. I have practiced Homeopathy and have been registered as a member of the Australian Homeopathic Association since 18th August 2009.

The year that I graduated, I also won the Clinical Training Award of the year. I knew then that I could help people and be of service.

Yoga is forever.

So, that’s just a bit of a background knowledge about me, yogis, and how I came to this point to be your teacher.

xx Eleni