Homemade food

We all eat it, talk about it and as yogis we respect the nourishment, energy and love that it gives us.

I learnt great skills from my mother, Gina – an urban farmer, vegetarian Greek mama, and super environmentally conscious soul.

That’s why creative and nourishing food – both savoury and sweet – is always available at the studio and pick-ups and deliveries can be arranged.

Some of the yummy dishes currently rotating on the menu are:

  • Baked brown rice and vegetable balls
  • Lentil, fetta and vegetable burek
  • Gluten free vegetarian lasagne
  • Coconut, tumeric, cranberry and polenta balls
  • Coconut rice pudding with goji berries, fig, almond and chia seeds
  • and so much more!

Gina can also cater for small intimate parties, kids parties and functions.

Holistic Products

For the face and body

For as long as I can remember I have focused on sourcing body products including perfume, creams and make-up, that are as natural as possible. That is, without a never ending chemical ingredient list and not tested on helpless animals.

I’m a passionate advocate of Australian Made Products with a sustainable ethos and companies that make natural products with conscious environmental support practices.

Currently stocking Tinderbox which is based in WA.

  • Essential oils
  • Eye Bags
  • Natural perfume
  • Massage oils
  • Super Food Powders
  • Face and Body creams

Yoga mats and yoga accessories

Yoga mats of various colors, thickness and designs are available in a range of prices. All yoga mats we offer are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Yoga blocks in a variety of colours are also available to purchase at the studio.

Books, Journals and Oracle cards

  • Moon Goddess Diary (Nicci Garaicoa) $25
  • 2022 Lunar Diary (Stacey Demarco) $35
  • Frida Journal (Akal Pritam) $35
  • Mindful Living Journal (Katie Rose) $30
  • Aboriginal Dreamtime Journal $35
  • Self Love: Finding Peace and Happiness (Akal Pritam) $45
  • Self-Love Oracle (Akal Pritam) $35