Food and holistic products

Food at Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio

We all eat it, talk about it and as yogis we respect the nourishment, energy and love that it gives us.

I learnt great skills from my mother, Gina – an urban farmer, vegetarian Greek mama, and super environmentally conscious soul.

That’s why creative and nourishing food – both savoury and sweet – is always available at the studio and pick-ups and deliveries can be arranged.

Some of the yummy dishes currently rotating on the menu are:

  • Baked brown rice and vegetable balls
  • Lentil, fetta and vegetable burek
  • Gluten free vegetarian lasagne
  • Coconut, tumeric, cranberry and polenta balls
  • Coconut rice pudding with goji berries, fig, almond and chia seeds
  • and so much more!

Gina can also cater for small intimate parties, kids parties and functions.

Holistic Products

For the face and body

For as long as I can remember I have focused on sourcing body products including perfume, creams and make-up, that are as natural as possible. That is, without a never ending chemical ingredient list and not tested on helpless animals.

Over the years I have also created my own skincare and body range, including Heal my skin face cream, Rich organic face oil, Bath salts and Yogi funky body scrub.

You can also find all natural:

  • Perfumes, cologne – Breath of Blossom, Aphrodisi perfume, Ode to Orange, Blue Fire, Hijinx cologne
  • Deodorants
  • Baby soaps and massage oils
  • Pregnancy body oils
  • Essential oils
  • Pregnancy body oils
  • Male grooming products

Yoga mats

Stunning yoga mats are on offer from Yoga Peace Club, with the most intricate designs and colour. Also, if you love the ocean and great outdoors you will love the Praia Yoga mats with stunning digital prints – it’s like practising yoga on stunning artwork. These mats have also a carry strap. If you prefer single block colour mats that are eco-sustainable and you require additional thickness (e.g 6mm or 8mm), these are also available for purchase at the studio.


WildFolk candles, made from essential oils and soy wax, have been a huge hit with yogis and new stock always coming in. The creator, Zannah, has cut the bottles of Herbal Tinctures and that’s the container for the candle. Once the candle is burned, you can simply clean and reuse!

Come and wander or make an appointment and I can open the studio for you to explore and shop at a convenient time for you.

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