A new studio, a new perspective

I’m so excited and happy to be writing this blog post.

Eleni’s Yoga has moved to a new location at 59 Jarrett Street Clemton Park.

I have a new way of working, a new business plan, a new energy flow – but at the end of the day, it’s still the same old me.

A loud, talkative, transparent and happy Eleni.

A huge shoutout to everyone who has supported my business, I am truly grateful. For checking in, for your unwavering continuation of positivity, for keeping up with your yoga and homeopathic consultations. Thank you also to everyone who embraced my yoga clothing range, and told friends and family. Simply WOW. I’m going to smooch you when we can.

I propose the following new words to add to our conversations, intentions, self belief,communications, and our hashtags FOR THE REST OF 2020:

Connection, Kindness, Calmness, Uplifting, Exciting, Loving, Meditative, Empowering, Enriching, Truthful, Exploring, Carefree, Joy, Peaceful, Compassionate, Prosperous, Beautiful, Resourceful, Simplicity, Vibrant, Mindfulness, Laughter, Spirituality, Conscious, Vitality, Adventurous, Holistic, Understanding.

As I type this blog in July 2020 it’s instead all about Clusters, Social Distancing, Restrictions, Travel-Bans, Quarantine, Death Rates, Hospitals, Lockdowns, Hand Sanitising, Masks, Toilet Paper, Infection Rates, Sickness, Non-Body Contact, Closed Borders, Unemployment, Getting Tested, Closed Off, Rules, Regulations, Stay Home.

It has been a very stressful, confusing last few months. The fear amongst can, at times, feel big. We are stressed and scared. We cannot continue like this. We will get through this but please look after yourselves and one another. Build up your inner resilience and stay motivated.

With every path of negativity there is also a positive. For me personally, the complete shut down of my business in March gave me time and space to heal after a surgery I had to have. I Thank God always that it went ahead at the end of March. I completely healed and had the time to rest and time to recover well. It forced me to rethink and recalibrate as i made some huge decisions about my business.

I let go of so much!!!!! Decluttering took on and felt like an entirely new meaning.

I became more resourceful and found out that I can do much more then I thought I could.

I’m grateful to so many people. There is so much kindness that can be experienced every day. Even on a rainy Sunday, I had the most helpful Sales Assistant in Bras & Things at Roselands, who excelled in her manner to serve me, and assist. There’s abundant kindness out there, be open to feeling it as well as to giving it.

Be brave, kind and happy. Be grateful and give thanks for all that we have.

I can’t wait to see you in Clemton Park.