14 years old: wooooohooooooo!!

14 years. Just as well I like even numbers, haha.

My goodness were did 14 years go? I’m older, more in tune with my energetic soul and my passion for yoga, holistic healing and health is off the charts. I actually enjoy teaching now more then ever, and I’m always aware of how big my responsibility is as a yoga teacher.

I registered the yoga studio on the 22nd of August in 2005, and when I received the certificate from the Office of Fair Trading I was like: “Wow. Here we go!”

At the time I was working around four or five  jobs. Mum and I had a cafe on Eleventh Street Mascot, I had the contract at State Parliament in Macquarie street teaching fitness classes, I was teaching as a permanent regular at gyms such as Fernwood next to Wynyard station (which doesn’t exist anymore), training private clients and studying homeopathy.

It all came together so organically and bit by bit.

My emblem was designed by a beautiful soul named Renata who I have lost touch with through the years. I had met her in Simon Borgs’  6:00am classes at Bondi Junction. When I told her what I was embarking on, she offered to create my logo and sign. Payment? Bartering. I trained her with outdoor fitness sessions and, well, you have seen my symbol. Blessings of the universe.

While reflecting on the past I started looking for my diaries. I’m very passionate about documenting my feelings, life, events and my integration in this world. I would design my own diaries and add clippings from magazines that sparked my interest. I have kept a record of every student that has come through the studio doors through all these years.

Let me remind you that when I started the yoga studio there was no Facebook or social media advertising. No Instagram, no website. My yogi customers came from pamphlet letterbox drops and referrals. People called me for enquiries (I still have the same phone number) and I wrote all the enquiries and address down – so cute.

I have so many stories from the last 14 years I have no idea were to start, but there’s a yoga book that I will be getting out in the future. I can’t help it, I’m a story teller and a big talker!!!! Would you still believe me if I told you that I still get a few butterflies at the start of some classes? Yes I do.

I have been teaching group and private classes for 25 years every day, every week, with the only breaks being while i’m on holidays (HELLO GREECE!) or public holidays. I don’t take sick days but I started this year saying “no” sometimes (for example, I won’t teach that class today because it’s not busy, or my vocals are exhausted or my legs.)

My strength as a teacher is that I can teach any age group. Of course I have so much to learn and I’m always learning and refining. I have had many students and clients become yoga teachers over the years. Recently I had a homeopath contact me for a remedy, and I realised she was a homeopathic client of mine before she became a homeopath herself.

To stay around for 14 years it comes down to the community of people who back you up. A strong foundation of yogis who want to learn and are passionate about their practise. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a part of you.

My discipline matches my students’ discipline. Passion for the yoga is the gift that we hold in our soul and also share with our loved ones.
I am truly grateful for all my students, from the past, the present and the future. I have no words, just hugs.

My number one supporter has been my Mum. What a woman!!! Without her, i’m not sure if I would have had the strength at times to continue. She has my back and her advice and the way she boosts my confidence when I lose to the fear cloud.

What does the future hold for me and us?

Well there’s no denying that leading yoga retreats in Australia and taking small groups of yogis to Greece for health, fun, yoga and fitness is my passion and what  i’m working towards more. Greece 2020 dates and prices are up on the website. I will also be leading yoga teacher training courses in the near future. That will be amazing, and your responses and interest so far have inspired me even further.

My homeopathy practise has become so much stronger and the results are what gets me more and more bookings. Did you know I’m officially a national homeopath, registered for 10 years and winner of clinical training? I’m thinking of branching out to a practise at Bondi Beach or the Shire. How much time do I have and what can i fit in?? haha, I have no idea.

And there will be a 14-year yoga party for sure!!! But I’m waiting for Summer. I love our gatherings at Nielsen Park and we are so due for one.

Big love to you all,

Eleni xxx

PS. There will be a surprise offer, which will appear on social media close to the studio’s birthday either on my Instagram account or Facebook page. Follow, share or if you’re old school like me, phone me. 😉