Spring makes me happy + a homeopathy story

In Spring, I feel like I’m on holidays. My music selection for classes probably reflects that.

Yoga is my number one de-stressor. What I try to do in every class is really honour the reason of why on that day you have chosen to come to class – it’s all important for me. Sustaining our practise is such a precious tool for our wellbeing. How good does it feel when you have reached the end of the class!? You are all so motivated and I feel this year you have just pushed to a higher level. This has nothing to do with me, but you – superstar yogis.


Did you know on 22nd August the studio reached a super milestone of 15 years!!!!! I feel so strong and lucky to be able to follow through after the COVID shut down. The decision to move from Bexley North and set up in a different space was not taken lightly, but wow. I have been so busy, it’s been super exciting and a pleasant surprise. I did not mark the 15 year anniversary with a party, but hey, we have so much to look forward to. Thank you for your support everyone. I’m really, really grateful. This could not have happened without you.


I have been registered as an Australian Homeopath for the last 12 years and as a practitioner, I know that you are all looking at your health from so many different angles. What makes Homeopathy stand out as a holistic modality is that how we feel – the mind symptoms – are rated with as much importance as the physical.

I want to share a story. On Monday, I walked to my chiropractic appointment in Bexley North and on my walk back to Clemton Park, I took some detours. As I walked past a house and admired a beautiful plant, there was a lovely lady sweeping her porch.

I said ‘good morning’ and she told me that this particular plant was planted by her late brother, who had died 10 months after planting it. This was followed a year later by the death of her other brother on Christmas Day. We talked for a while, and I felt that she had not talked to anyone for a while. I was there to listen to her story.

Her Mum had dementia and her younger sister had Cerebral Palsy. She herself had survived bowel cancer and detrimental heart problems (she mentioned the name of her diagnosis, but I cannot remember.) She gave very detailed descriptions about her health issues, including dates and names of her doctors and specialists.

She said “No one could explain the reasons for my heart problems before I had surgery to fix. I never smoked or drank alcohol, but I’ll tell you why – the grief ate me up. All the worry, and and grief, I kept it all in my heart, until I could not hold anymore.”

In my mind, as I listened to her story, I thought of all the Homeopathic remedies I could have given her. Yes, medical intervention was needed – she’s only around because of surgery by a specialised team that brought her back to life in a 13 hour operation. Allopathic medicine is wonderful but us humans are such complex creatures, healing takes many avenues and I truly believe Homeopathy can help do that.

The lady was so wonderful and wise – a retired academic. I’m happy that she shared her story, we all need to share our stories.

I asked her name and she replied Helen.

I said: I’m Eleni.