Reflections and updates of Autumn 2020

Hi everyone,

I cannot express how amazing I feel. There’s a strength in my mind and body, a trustful energy of protection and positivity. There were many moments of OMG over the last few weeks! Thoughts of:

  • I don’t want to get sick
  • I don’t want my parents – or anyone else in the world – to get COVID-19
  • I don’t want to lose my business
  • I don’t want my surgery to be cancelled
  • But damn you fear I did not let you come in, and when you did you had to leave after just one glass of red wine.
    Resilience, faith and daily goals allowed me to adapt to the daily new temporary normal. I stayed focused. I did not plan too far ahead – five days max.
    My surgery also went ahead and everything was fine – I’m in perfect health.
    Thank you to everyone who booked for private yoga sessions, had homeopathic consultations, and bought clothing from my yoga range. I was so excited when I posted two pairs of the yoga pants to South Australia!
    I also allowed and will continue to allow yogis who have passes to use their stickers for private classes to the value of $80.
    Thank you for all the messages from past and present students checking in and saying hello. What a beautiful community that we have.
    There will be more changes this year (it’s that kind of a year!!) but no fear – just abundant positivity and inner perseverance.