Yoga and homeopathy for a more centred you

There was one moment, a minute, a few minutes in class yesterday, where I was teaching and I felt I was flying. Submerged into a moment were it was all so effortless and dream-like. Where I knew and felt surrendered to the moment. Where I actually couldn’t think, yet words were coming out of my mouth. I was…….in a moment of serenity, a bubble, a cluster of time so so small but so magnificent for me.


I love teaching and I love people. I’m loud, love a giggle, and I constantly experience crazy, funny and not so funny moments in my life (like we all do). I’m just more transparent. I tell you everything!!!!
And I love humanity – the human connection is missing in so many aspects of our lives. I love the ritual of heading to a class, entering a space, connecting with music, fragrances of candles and incense, chatter, sharing, to be part of something. As a group of yogis, you encounter this moment, this class. Practising yoga in your own body and breath, but linking Prana with individuals that you may have never met in your normal lives. A yoga class is a self-connection and moment of belonging. Feeling your skin, listening to your breath. You fight your doubts and your myriad thoughts – filled with a random clusters of conversations, such as “damn my hip”, “ohhhh look at that toe!! I need a pedicure”, “Wow I have not paid my phone bill”, “hmmm I should have said hello to him/her.” hahaha does that sound familiar?
Twelve years into running my yoga studio, I would like to thank you all!!! Every yogi from the past, present and future. You have allowed me to live my dream. My confidence in my choice of a career and way of life has resonated well for me. This is my calling.
My homeopathic practice is moving steadily along, although I am not breaking even with the amount of study and daily investments I put into this modality including the cost of remedies, seminars, the associations that I belong to etc. But not all that we do is for a monetary profit.
I listen and I feel I’m a healer. I connect to your sorrow with the energetic manifestation of homeopathic remedies. I love regular medicine but I believe, like so many of my clients are realising, it won’t always serve your mind and body. It’s like yoga – sometimes we need a few rounds of sun salutes to get our groove, or a longer savasana to just BE.
Homeopathic remedies create a balance were somewhere there has been a halt! If this inbalance is not looked at, other parts of our physical, spiritual, emotional and spiritual body start to suffer.
I treat myself homeopathically-  but I also see my Homeopath (who I have been seeing for the past 11 years). It’s the most amazing feeling. I can express my utmost fear and concerns or whatever has truly upset me. I’m listened to without prejudice – and  a remedy is prescribed to me. I feel that “aaaaahhhhhh” moment.  Super balanced within.
If you have never experienced a homeopathic treatment maybe this is your time (or maybe not).  It’s not about fixing you or detoxing you or a 6,8 or 10 week program. It’s to have you more centered and being the best version of yourself.
Thank you so much for taking this time to read my blog.
PS. A big thank you to all the yogis who sponsored me for the Cathy Freeman Foundation for this year’s City to Surf. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
See you in a class, at the long weekend yoga retreat or on Social Media.