Yoga and meditation

I am passionate about yoga for all ages. The same benefits that are achieved in our adult classes apply to little people and, most importantly, Yoga 4 Kids teaches lifelong lessons, setting your children up for a healthy future.

I offer two types of yoga services for kids:

Kids Yoga and Meditation with parents (35-45 minutes)
Kids $10. Adults $20, or use your pre-paid Yoga Pass
A class just for kids and their parents. Interactive and active classes with the theme of fun, confidence and stress reduction techniques. Delicious snack included!

Private classes: Yoga 4 kids
Please contact us for pricing
Private yoga, relaxation and fitness programs for individuals, groups and groups based at schools and day care centres. To introduce Yoga classes to your school or centre, please contact me to find out more!

Why yoga is important

At Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio, yoga is not only a way of life – it IS life.

Breath, first and foremost is the most essential tool in yoga. Observing the breath, ensuring that it is deep, the ability to retain, increasing the power of the lungs, the diaphragm to exhale with control. Breath moves oxygen into your body and removes carbon dioxide. Movement of the breath and bringing time to sit and observe, makes the individual feel calmer and more centred, relaxed.

Yoga also combines elements of nature such as the adrenaline, power, control, confidence, suppleness, beauty, focus and centredness.

It takes awareness, honesty and discipline to question yourself, make changes and establish your life course for today!

What you need to know about kids yoga classes at Eleni’s

  • Bookings for kids yoga classes in the studio are essential. Please follow the “Book Now” button above to learn how to book a class
  • Prices are as listed under the class descriptions
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash at the class
  • To introduce Yoga classes to your school or centre, please contact me to find out more!