Yoga at work

You don’t always need to come to the studio to experience the benefits of yoga.

Eleni’s offers mobile yoga, relaxation and fitness programs for individuals, groups and the corporate sector, where I come to your workplace.

To introduce Yoga classes to your workplace, please contact me to find out more!

Why yoga is important

At Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio, yoga is not only a way of life – it IS life.

Breath, first and foremost is the most essential tool in yoga. Observing the breath, ensuring that it is deep, the ability to retain, increasing the power of the lungs, the diaphragm to exhale with control. Breath moves oxygen into your body and removes carbon dioxide. Movement of the breath and bringing time to sit and observe, makes the individual feel calmer and more centred, relaxed.

Yoga also combines elements of nature such as the adrenaline, power, control, confidence, suppleness, beauty, focus and centredness.

It takes awareness, honesty and discipline to question yourself, make changes and establish your life course for today!