What I’m Learning from the Younger Generation

Or, how are they influencing me? That’s maybe the best description. I feel I embrace change wholeheartedly. Look at this year—I’ve gone blond! But we are a world apart from the younger generation. I’m 50 years old and edging toward… My connection to different age groups is definitely what I love and embrace, both in my personal life and work. I love people, so age really does not change things. What I have noticed more than ever is the younger generation and the boldness and strength that they possess.

A few of my observations…

1. Buckets of Self-Belief

The younger generation is all about making it happen. They are not waiting for experience and years to build up or waiting for invitations to make bold strides at work or in their personal lives. They just go for it. They have heart, courage, and a strong inner compass to direct themselves where they want to be, where they dream to be. The inner voice is a resounding “Yes!” It’s not a “no” or a “maybe” or “let’s wait and see.” Getting it done, they are ready.

2. Non-Apologetic

They have a voice and will. They are not worried about upsetting anyone, and not intentionally. I still freak out about approaching some subjects with my Mum—haha, it’s true! The younger generation? No way! They will wear what they want and how they want to. Self-expression is non-apologetic. Hey, society, if you don’t like what I wear? Bad luck. Look away; this is me. It’s just wonderful. I’m in awe of the inner glow and this non-apologetic stance. For me, it feels fierce, and I admire it so much. Back in my day, I stopped myself so many times in case I upset someone or they did not approve. So silly.

3. Adapting, Accepting, and Flexible

For the career and learning chapter of the younger generation, they are the most adaptive. If paths 1, 2, or 3 do not work, there are options 4 to 20! How cool is that? They do not stop in their tracks and admit defeat; they will plow through to a different route, a solution. That takes a lot of confidence. I feel my generation learned new skills in a very systematic way. If you had a great teacher or mentor, that was fantastic; otherwise, a bad teacher, difficult manager, or learning institution meant doom for us. The disappointment and loss were huge, a loss of confidence, feeling lost and disheartened.

Powerful young crew, I admire you. Keep up the success and happiness.

(But can you please just detach yourselves from your phone for a while?)