Summer of love

In February we started to really sit and enjoy the positive and uplifting vibes of 2023.

It’s month of love and (finally) a beautiful season of Summer.

It has being the loveliest experience to meet and teach so many new yogis, as well as having past students coming back to rejoin our studio.

Yoga courses have thrived and have been a great success. I will continue to introduce more courses and new time slots – it’s fantastic to watch you all improve so much.

We have a lot more yogis then ever before, with many currently attending up to three classes a week! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

What I’m also loving and want to express to everyone who reads this is the incredible yoga community that we have at EYAMS. I love watching everyone chatting to each other and making new friends. You are all sharing such a beautiful journey and the yoga community is very precious.

Since this is a Summer newsletter, I want to also mention the yogis who said they would never wear shorts – yes, they are coming to class with shorts. Woooohooo, it must be my super pep talk! Let’s keep feeling comfortable and confident in our bodies. We all have our low moments at times about how we look, but what life has taught us so far is to enjoy the present and enjoy our bodies.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, and recommending me to your friends and family for yoga, Homeopathy and my yoga activewear clothing range.

Keep yoging everyone (things that will never change – definitely me killing the English language, or calling you by a new name haha)