Small businesses = BIG hearts <3

One day, I decided to buy perfume. So damn random because I never buy commercial perfume, and I have never bought a perfume with a celebrity’s name or from a couture house (but damn I love J.Lo haha). I just use natural, handmade essential oil mixes or natural perfumes and body sprays.
I entered this perfumery with mum who was looking at some jewellery in the cabinet for my niece and I realised I had never noticed how beautiful this store was.
I loved the glass, the colours and the designs of all the bottles. It’s a stunning Art Gallery of colour and perfume.
I remembered I had once smelled an amazing perfume that was of pure rose essence at a duty free store at an airport. I could never find it back in Australia and then I just really forgot about it. Of course, I asked the Sales Assistant owner of the store and you would not believe it – she had it in stock!!!
She had no tester (maybe because she kept small ranges of everything, I’m not sure.) But guess what? I bought it without hesitation. It was so damn expensive but this yogi is all about living in the moment and looking at signs and right then I thought: I have to have it. Just no hesitation. It’s here, it’s meant to be.
Smells are so distinctive, they transport you back in time. The smell of my late teacher’s yoga studio; the food my grandmother made in Greece in high rotation. I can still smell the taste of her homemade tomato sauce for the pasta. With this perfume, I always remembered how magnificent it was.
Of course, I opened the bottle and it smelled nothing like that. I was devastated!!! Yes the expectations were high and as I’m typing this I cannot express how ordinary and flowery it smelled. Just yuck!!!!
What would you do?
I called the store and explained to her how I felt, and that this perfume smelled of everything but roses. In reality, it was not her issue. It was my choice so suck it up yogi Eleni ? She asked me to come by the next day.
To cut a long story short, she kept 30% of the purchase price and with the balance, I was able to choose something else. She was so lovely and I was so happy with the outcome. She explained to me about the PH of the skin and how it changes every 10 years. Perfume that once we loved may not be the same years down the track. It’s also possible that there was a change of formula and that the original perfume was no longer in production.
She did not make me feel like an idiot, she cared for me as as an individual. She did not have to do that at all.
My reaction: I was like, well damn! I’m coming back again to buy perfume from here again! (which I will test on my skin haha)
As a small business owner heading into 16 years, I have experienced so much support and kindness that I would not know were to start. Don’t get me wrong, I have had  clients who have tested me out!!! But they come to less then 10 people. That’s not bad is it?
As a small business, we rely on and thrive in our communities as well as on a larger scale with online shopping. I have experienced that with my clothing range. The financial exchange and commitment enhances small business owners’ ability to thrive and stay in business which we in turn spend back in our community. Choice these days is massive but that also comes with its own responsibilities. For example, do I purchase my vitamins and soaps from an independent health good store or from Chemist Warehouse?
To purchase Australian-made is even a bigger love affair and commitment that I have. Hopefully you yogis will start that love affair as well (although  I’m sure you have already :))
Having said that there are a couple of products I could not compromise e.g Greek Fetta from Greece and olive oil. #woglife
xxx Eleni