Private yoga lessons post lockdown

Thank you to all the yogis who took up the COVID lockdown special offer of one to one lessons with me for $50 per session in the park. Ohhh yeahhhh and with masks (which we do not need for outdoors anymore, wooohooo)

Teaching one to one outdoors during this winter and Spring was amazing – it was a healing experience for myself and each yogi. Walking to the park, teaching, and walking back was part of my daily routine that kept me sane. Thank you to Julia, Leanne, Louise, Angela, Jo, Nancy, Maggie, Alex, Craig, Anna, Mary, Penny, Kristen and Caroline. Bees, flowers, bindis, birds, and my pee spot will never be forgotten. Special mention to Fluffy the Kookaburra.

Private sessions will continue with the added advantage of being able to use the studio. Prices will return to $90 for an hour from 11th October.

As a special offer for current yogi clients only, home visits can be arranged for 2-3 people at a cost of $140 per session.