Persian Yoga Introductory Workshop 31st January

Book now for this special session on 31st January!

Join an amazing introductory yoga workshop taught by Kasha Azad for:

  • An introduction to fundamental Persian Yoga and Circular Strength Training principles
  • An introduction to the use of Meel (Clubs) and Shena (Push-up board)
  • A guided group training session
  • The option to buy equipment on the day and save on shipping and handling costs ($50 value!)

Introductory Workshop Program – 90 minutes

  • Introduction to Persian Yoga & Circular Strength Training

The secret conditioning system of Iranian wrestlers and the physical arts of ancient Persian warriors! A time tested, battle-field proven, integrated approach to multi-skill and multi-planar movement and circular strength training. Developed millenia ago as a complete, yet simple, physical arts conditioning system to forge warriors out of ordinary people.

  • Fundamentals of Meel

Meel, the grandfather of the Clubbell and Indian Clubs! The Original and Authentic Persian Meel, made from one piece of timber for exceptional balance, symmetry and swing performance. Used for millenia by ancient warriors and modern martial artists to develop great strength, endurance, mobility, stability and synchronicity of the shoulders.

  • Fundamentals of Shena

The essential, and most ancient, calisthenics tool! The Shena is time tested to deliver results like no other similar device. Used by Persian warriors and modern day Olympic gold medal wrestlers. Enables a wider variety of push-ups, improves ROM, strength, flexibility of shoulders and hips for safer push-ups.

The session will be held outdoors, commencing at 8am. Please pre-book and pay by 29th January 2016.