Part 2: Gotta Groove

Gotta Groove. The word is so retro!!!!! Groove is fun, groove is when you seek a non-linear approach. It’s not necessarily to dance, (although how amazing do we feel when we dance and I definitely include in that the “daggy dance!”) Groove is to find that right moment and enjoy the Yoga pose. Enjoying the ritual of moving in breath and being aware and present of the miracle and gratitude of our health.

It’s a pulse. It’s being present and feeling light in your body and breath. That comes also from our meditation. Stop and enjoy the calmness and stillness. When your brain stops over thinking , analysing and judging. It’s pure.

Groove is a smile. It’s when you build up your courage, your self-determination, your self-worth, your inner strength. And it’s not just based on things like how long you hold plank (apparently Cher can plank for 5 minutes and she’s nearly 72!!! Whoooohoooo)

Groove, for me, is wearing something hand-made and not manufactured by a mega chain (this does not include this year’s favourite shorts from Kmart. Yes I’m honest.)

I wear colour, I wear too much jewellery, I jingle and jangle, even when swimming or running. Because Groove is colour, flavour, movement, the sounds of nature, music that makes us fly, seeing a live performance.

Groove is to change one of your daily tasks on your fabulous To Do list and run and do something completely different. When was the last time we called a friend rather than text? Picked up a magazine and pretended you can read Italian or French? I pretend I can read Italian – just check my collection of Italian Vogues.

What is Groove for you, Yogis?


Escape winter with a yoga retreat in Greece!

Join me for an unforgettable trip to Greece this European Summer, and escape the Sydney winter.

No shuffling in tourist buses – being herded and told what to see, and what to eat. You will be surrendering to adventure , with a small group of women and a fierce leader who is really Groovy (hahaha).

It will be all about amazing experiences, breathtaking beauty a time to celebrate yourself. You will be swimming in beaches that will make you question: is this real?? Am I really here??? It’s about the culture and passion of Greece that you will always remember and make you want to come again and again.

Don’t delay. Say “Yes” and meet me in Greece this August. Packages on offer are weekly and include food, my touring, yoga and fitness instruction, meditation, transport and accommodation.


Also: thank you all for being so wonderful with your bookings and giving me ample communication when you need to cancel. It has been a great help ?