All about the March yoga retreat

It was the first retreat of the year and what was on everyone’s mind: Is the rain going to stop? With the blessings of the universe, there was clear, stunning, hot weather all weekend.

I jam packed the car with everything but the kitchen sink and I was so grateful that yogi Emily helped by letting us fill her car as well with goodies for the retreat.

I love road trips and of course there were stop offs to Berry both on the way there and back (the markets at Berry showground were amazing!!!)

Yoga and fitness were the main highlights with sessions conducted on grass in the amazing space at the back of the house and on the sand. The beach was a five minute walk from our beautiful accommodations, with an amazing stretch of sand and wonderful views. Everyone was sublime in getting up early in the morning – I loved the commitment that all the participants had.


IMG_0934Yoga outdoors is the most amazing feeling and although I feel it’s harder to practise standing balances in an outdoor setting, everyone just nailed it!!!! Walking and running on the sand was total bliss and lengthening and stretching the body with the sound of the waves was just beautiful. Hearing the call of nature rather then cars and buses and angry drivers beeping at each other was my heaven. It’s amazing how deep the noise pollution can be in the city (including all the notifications and beeps that come from everyone’s phones!)

After our sessions we would walk back to the house where food was ready to be devoured with many choices and wonderful flavours to be explored. My mother Regina/Gina/Ginsky is a star and the yogis just fell in love with her and her food. Her fan club has grown with more members than ever. Yes, her kitchen even offered meat, seafood, coffee, alcohol, IMG_0983 IMG_1031chocolate and dairy, but all in a balanced ratio, and prepared with the utmost care and love. Many organic choices were on offer, including drinks. I admire a woman who can whip up a Moussaka with eggplant she has grown and picked from her garden just prior to leaving. Her stuffed calamari with rice, vegetables and her secret flavours was another hit. Both Mum and I are vegetarians and she does not eat chicken or eggs, but her omelettes with kale, tomatoes and Greek cheeses were so divine. A raw salad of beetroot and her special touches even had to be remade for dinner on Saturday night because everyone ate it and could not believe the flavours.

Thank you to ALL the amazing yogis who attended from different locations in Sydney. They had to plan so much so they could attend to there souls and bodies for the weekend. I truly hope you enjoyed it and I appreciate all the feedback.

Also stay tuned for more fabulous getaways xxxxxx