My last blog for 2017

Well I have just gotten used to writing 2017 and as we are travelling through December it’s all coming to an end and we’re ready to meet 2018!

What a fabulous year. How would I describe it? The year that I stopped worrying myself to a skin explosion of eczema? (which does not sound very zen, but let me explain…) I learned to not get so overwhelmed, to step back and turn a negative moment or setback into something that does not make me feel hurt. Not everything can be turned into a positive channel, but I have the power that I can sit with and not feel intense discomfort or sadness. I feel that I have had a boost of self-love and self-confidence injected into me.

The biggest change in the studio this year was the Mandala. How amazing is the Mandala?? It sits so beautifully in the space. It took a lot of organizing to get the talented artist Lara Z to come and create it. My task was to choose the colors. I love all shades of blue, white and green but I did not feel that it was going to work for the colour scheme to  to suit the studio. In one of our many emails, I expressed to Lara that one of the colors I was choosing was yellow. Her reply was “hmmmm, Eleni, yellow is one of the dangerous colours to work with.” On the Friday morning when she opened the cans of the glorious colours she was like: “WOW, this is beautiful!” The result? Well you have all seen it. Transformative, pure love brimming or, as the creator of the Mandala named it in her social media posts, OPEN HEART SURGERY. I cried with happiness.

2017 also marked the 12-year celebration of my yoga studio and its strength in holding itself up and growing. The challenges are always there (just ask any small business owner in Sydney) but the rewards are almost impossible to describe or explain. So how did I mark a 12-year birthday celebration for my business? With a 3-hour marathon yoga session followed by an amazing cake/s made by Regina (aka Mum!!!!)
Since I’ve mentioned my Mum, I should also mention that my beach yoga retreats have been just magical, although I think the true attraction is my Mum. Having her there on the weekend cooking us the most fabulous food and making our tastebuds just purely celebrate life. She has soooo many fans.
I have taught 780 classes in 2017!!!!! YES, 780. Not bad for a 44 year-old  woman. That’s an average of 15 classes a week, not including private classes, classes at schools, etc. How crazy am I????????
Planks –  performed with straight legs have been 4,680.
Push ups – 3,900 (less then other years due to not being able to use my arms due to injuries).
I have executed 6,240 Cobras.
Lunges – both high and on the knees, 9,360
Down Dogs – 10,140!!!
I have Warrior in my soul and I have done 3,120.
Thank you to my body and to my health. Yes, I have sustained injuries which manifested to Tendonitis but I’m feeling fabulous and keeping up rehab.
As to my Homeopathy business: Consultations have been growing steadily and your health concerns make me strive to continue studying further and practising Homeopathy as a mobile practitioner in 2018.
My youngest yoga  students in 2017 were 3-years old and the eldest was 73. I’m sure I channel both age groups with my stories, reflections, laughter groans and chatter. We have all socialised, before and after classes as well as weekends, attended birthday picnics, dinners, outings, bushwalks,  running, swimming, and even wine and cheese night at the studio after class.
Thank you to all past and present students. I’m constantly learning to be a better teacher and I hope that you enjoy all the classes that you attend. Thank you for your unwavering support, loyalty and big hearts. I simply adore teaching. The dynamics of a yoga class are a powerful symbol of strength, love and positivity. You are all amazing yoga practitioners.
Merry Christmas and here’s to an awesome 2018. I can’t wait to tell you of all the new yoga adventures coming our way.