It’s a kind of magic

2019 you are here and I’m still saying “Happy New Year”. I have given myself until the end of February, and I promise that will be it!!!It’s a New Year that I feel is moving so, so fast.The studio has been thriving with abundant events and amazing Yogis.

We had Yogi Charu teach an amazing Masterclass in January – an experience which made me giddy with happiness. It was exhilarating. I am beyond grateful for this amazing Yoga and spiritual teacher whom I met 10 years ago when he lived in Sydney and whose classes I have followed since. He donated his precious time and it was truly an honour to host him in our space with our yoga community. Everyone was so inspired, especially when we were assisted in doing headstands without using the arms as a base to balance. Ohhhh my goodness, so inspirational. His next base will be Florida, USA.

There was also a free Full Moon meditation on 21stJanuary (which coincided with my birthday woohoo!) After the magical session, we enjoyed lovely cakes, vegan raw desserts, fruit and wine. Yogi Joanne Saunders made me an amazing gin and tonic cake which was an absolute winner – such a talented cook!!! I also loved the mango cashew vegan ice-cream cake. Thank you all for your messages, gifts, kind wishes, words and hugs. I’m so grateful.


The first weekend of February was devoted to a yoga retreat at Callala Beach. It was wonderful to have all the elements came together – we even spotted dolphins playing close to shore for over an hour during our Sunday morning sunrise session. I screamed in happiness and I’m surprised I didn’t scare them away. As always, a huge thank you to my Mum for cooking up a storm for all of us, there is no one like her.

By the way, my word for 2019 is “magic”. These experiences have all been magical and magic is the word currently dominating all the stories I tell while you’re in plank posture. I’m open to all moments of dazzling beauty and magic is seemingly everywhere. Nothing is more magical to me than bearing witness each night to all phases of the moon and the gradual, subtle change it undergoes when the sky in Sydney is clear. I find magic in the enjoyment of daily tasks, eating and savouring scrumptious food, reading a book that transports you to a different world, a performance on stage, a yoga class when you get to do a posture and it feels so effortless and there’s a moment that the mind stands still.

I’ll end in saying that I’m grateful to all yogis who have re-joined and are continuing their yoga journey with me consistently. I’m also grateful to the new students who have recently joined. You are all amazing!!!! Our yoga community is one of a kind xoxoxox