Is 2021 flying by (or is it just me?)

Well, we’re nearly saying goodbye to April and May is just about here (or maybe by the time you read this it will be May already!)

We are all reflecting lately on how fast is each week going by. Is 2021 flying?? I’m still having trouble remembering that the year is not 2020 (case in point, when I was making my April Spotify playlist, I typed 2020 instead of 2021. Oooops. Not sure if I have changed it yet.)

What I’m loving more than ever in 2021 is teaching yoga. You are all amazing!!! Your progress has been so uplifting and SUPER (must read that with a Greek accent ?) I have to make things harder for you all!!!

Please note that some of the private groups have changed to open classes. For example, bookings for the Wednesday night 7:30pm class are now open for anyone who wants to attend in that time slot.

There will also be one or two classes shifting this season so please check my timetable for any changes.
And I will be adding some pop up classes including meditation and slow flow yoga, as well as abs, butt and thighs. These will be advertised on Facebook and Instagram – another reason why you should like and follow haha.

I’m really grateful to everyone who has been willing and able to shift, compromise and change their schedules and still make it work. You have all been wonderful in your bookings and cancellations. Thank you so much for such smooth sailing.

Hello, also, to all the new students who may still be in shock of the amount of talking I do in class. Which leads me to this: how well do you know your Yoga teacher? Just for fun, answer this mini quiz below??
Send your answers by email, text or photo and be in the running to receive a FREE yoga class to the value of $24.

xx Eleni

Q1:  Are my stories true or false?
Q2: List 6 items that you will find at the entrance to the studio space.
Q3: My favourite food group or type of food is….
Q4: How many years have I operated Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio?
Q5: What used to be one of my jobs (pre-yoga times)?
Q6: The modality that I practice in the area of health is….
Q7: Do I have a TGA?
Q8: What’s one of my latest passions?
Q9: Have I ever attended a Silent Meditation Retreat?
Q10: How many studio spaces has Eleni’s studio been in?
Q11: List five of my favourite music artists
Q12: Have you ever seen me without lipstick? What colour do I wear?
Q13: I swear in class! True or false?
Q14: What is my favorite line?
A – And that was the warm up
B – I’m excited !!!
C – Grateful every day
D – How good is yoga?
E – All of the above
Q15: What do you like about yoga at Eleni’s studio?