My inner reflections #1

Daily life is a dazzling creation of minutes, moments, reflections, events, motions and rhythm of life. We either feel we’re going smoothly, flowing through the day or stumbling. Feeling weary one moment or super excited and blissful.
Although I live and breathe a Holistic Lifestyle, i’m not immune to getting stressed, worried and upset. I feel those waves and they do touch me.
At present I’m able to zone into a peaceful bubble (far easier now than once upon a time in the Eleni world!!!!) My emotional headspace has a few techniques up her yoga sleeve BUT I will not start with the obvious ones.
Part of it is age. Yes, the positive outcomes about age and getting older is that you get wiser and more accepting. You are not bothered or troubled about little things, things that are not important in the scheme of our lives.
What pops in my head is ” I don’t give a ….”
It’s TRUE!!!!!
I have no time for people who are super inconsiderate, rude, resentful, negative, judgemental and hurtful. So i’m cheering about becoming older, and life’s timespan is teaching me to be more humble and accepting of life. I can’t control others, but I can control my reaction to situations. I can turn the stress dial down.
The yoga lessons that come into this are:
* I can communicate with honesty and integrity – hello Throat Chakra-Vishuda. To be able to speak up has been my hugest achievement in 2017. I have my own back and i’m not expecting the Universe to always help out. Part of opening the communication channels has been asking for help when I need it.
* I can breathe, with control, calmness and focus. Anywhere and anytime. In a car, on a plane, in the cinema, while getting a tattoo, while socialising etc.
* work with an affirmation – Don’t fear, breathe and thrive or love and just be
* Meditate at moments through the day (instead of going on a social media wander path)
* Find a positive thread in a situation (part of my personality is that I live for positive vibrations, and to bring the best to my soul as well as the people that I interact with daily)
I have more inner reflections mini blogs coming as we head towards the end of our marvellous 2017.
May we all be blessed with love, health, happiness and safety