Health, yoga and fitness advice and my self-exploring and enquiring: Part #1

After having been around the block with health, fitness and yoga in a full-time or part-time capacity since the age of 19, I have learned and experienced some beautiful “a-ha” moments and breakthroughs that I have blended into my current lifestyle. As well as some things that left me “ughhhhh” in a disarray.

So I’ve decided to share some of these – because if you know me, you know I share about myself a lot!!

    • If any class involving movement does not make you feel good and throughout the session you are thinking “when will it end?” – then it’s not for you.
      Don’t waste your time and money. Try something else.
    • Don’t be afraid of meditation, you can experience a beautiful peaceful state that focuses on your spirit and mental welfare.
      We all need it from the youngest child to the elderly. Don’t feel “ohhhh, I cant meditate”. Yes you can. If you are breathing, you can meditate.
      Attend one of my meditation classes or Breathing and Mindfulness Sunday sessions, read a book about exploring meditation, listen to a guided relaxation CD, download a meditation sequence. Just don’t wait!!! Sit with your kids, an elderly parent, a friend, with your dog, cat, baby, plants or on your own. Daily stress and anxiety can build up daily and we need to let it go.
    • On the theme of Don’t Wait:
      Don’t wait to lose weight to start yoga
      Don’t wait to get more flexible
      Don’t wait for your friend to come with you
      Don’t wait for more $$$ – if there’s ever an issue of finances which may restrict your ability to pay for classes, talk to your teacher so a system can be arranged and you don’t have to miss out on something you love.
    • Sport Bras are a must for young girls and women who do high impact exercise. It does not matter about your breast size or if you have had a breast enlargement or reduction. Strap them and care for them well – gravity sucks, sagging sucks, end of story.
    • If you have battled with eating disorders or are currently in the realm of one, ask for help. Support is magic. Don’t give up and do not be afraid to ask for help. For me, acknowledgement that I couldn’t continue in that daily living hell (once I passed the denial stage that ohhh yes there is something wrong here) my mums help, yoga and homeopathy were my trifecta.
    • Organic , natural food will never go out of fashion and creates the foundation of your daily health and optimum function.  And I will tie that in with body therapies. I have loved, persevered with, tried out, discovered or ditched some of the following (some of you could guess which is which): wheatgrass juice, green smoothies, biodynamic, macrobiotic, high protein, no fruit, no fats, no nuts , no oils, auyervedic diet, sprouting, raw, no food (no kidding),  gluten free, no additives and numbers, no food sources with plastic packaging (that’s why I have given up on Chlorophyll, used to be in glass has converted to plastic as well as some brands of vinegar have gone plastic, booooo!!!!), vegan, vegetarian, salt therapy rooms, acupuncture, shiatsu, herbs, iridology, colonics, shirodhara, counselling, auyevedic , chinese massage, cupping, infrared therapy,  pranayama, crystal meditation, massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, weight training, yoga, homeopathy, outdoor running, bushwalking, trapeze, silks, pole dancing, pole gymnastics, swimming, SUP, persian yoga, acro yoga, meditation, walking, adult beginner ballet classes, jazz, funk and hip hop, pilates reformer machines, burlesque.

With all health regimes its about enhancing your health, and existing medical and health conditions. With promises of a permanent cure and extreme fat loss or extreme changes to the way you look? All I can say is watch out for fake promises.

My daily need? A bucket full of self-belief and trust, and living without fear.

What is your daily need and support? What have you tried, ditched or keep coming back for more? Drop me a line. I would love to read.