Healing and rebalancing

Spring has been so strong and powerful. Longer days, a bit more sunshine, we are all smiling that little bit more.

Personally, my stress levels have hit the roof. It all started with my poor mum falling and fracturing her skull. She was in so much pain, and the worst part was that she could not fly to Greece due to the extent of her injury.

I am a resilient soul and dare I say so positive, but so many things have happened that I have had the worst acid reflux I have ever experienced in my life. Literally as I’m writing this (yes, I’m really old school, I write before I type ?) – it’s day 5 and my reflux is finally starting to subside.

Initially my chest hurt so much I was wondering ‘what the hell is going on?’ Then anything I ate gave me so much pain. I was concerned, but as a homeopath I just had to observe. Why was this happening?

I began to piece things together, and also our wonderful chats in classes helped. By sharing my story and describing how I was feeling, I realised it all came down to anxiety. It built up, and yes I do all the work: yoga, meditation, sleep, positive and loving relationships, good food, nutritious and healthy living habits etc. But life stresses in succession can make the body respond in ill health. That is what happened to me.

So I am not immune to life stresses but I am very lucky that I can help myself with so many tools that I have acquired with my life’s work in yoga and homeopathy.

Healing and getting rebalanced also comes down to community. For me, this is what I observe with all the classes that I teach and clients. Talking, sharing and listening is so therapeutic. It is a magical gift. That is part of the healing: a nurturing yoga community.

I feel so grateful for the wonderful students that rock up to the studio. Nicest souls and biggest hearts.

And now we are heading towards the end of 2022, with more experiences, laughter, resilience and inner strength to come