We have come to the  the halfway point to 2022, yogis. Truly unbelievable. We’ve been reflecting each week with the yogi gang (“ohhh today is the second week of February can you believe it? mmmmm hello, it’s the last Friday of April, wooooow last weekend of May” etc etc)  The year is flying!!!!

And as time passes, I’m also getting closer to the border of 50, which scaressssssssss me so much!!!

But what I wanted to capture here is this elusive state. The whispers and talk of:


Does it exist?

Are we experiencing enough of it?

When were you the happiest?

Are you happy this moment?

What can make us feel happy?

Happy is a smile, a laughter out of the blue. Happiness is shenanigans in my classes. Happiness is a state of joy and sense of lightness.

Happy is my current state.

I am not immune to stress, despite the fact that I have a massive advantage that I teach and make a living from yoga. I cherish my work and way of life beyond words. Overall I’m a happy person, and I believe my overall constitution does come down to happiness. I’m happy.

According to Mumma Regina, I was a happy baby, a child that never cried. I just smiled a lot. I still do.

I’m happy. Happy with myself and how I conduct my life in this world, in my community, my relationships, my home, my work.

Happy to have met a wonderful man – we’re coming up to 15 months of crazy happiness, love, support and understanding. I have only experienced this now in my late 40s, for which I am so grateful and ……happy.

When I observe my classes, I feel happiness.

Yogis who may have never met, will smile, express themselves and reflect in a class.

The sense of community and to be understood, makes us happy.

We all have experienced more stress and uncertainty in the last two years – more than we can have ever imagined. There has been immense sadness and loss.Changes that have been abrupt, and in some ways, changes that we are all still adjusting to.

I still talk and meet people that have just started coming back to yoga group classes after nearly two years.

Although it is lovely to reflect on our  past (maybe our happy days at school, or the fun times of our youth etc), I’m a huge fan lately of staying present and enjoying this moment.

To be present and full of joy about today!!!

Make a list of what you can add to your life, and give out, to bring happiness in your heart.

If a list is overwhelming, start small. What can make you happy today?

On Monday, it was as simple as going to Honey and Walnut Patisserie (it’s in Dulwich Hill) and having a coffee and reading a few pages of my book. That was happiness for me.

I told you – small things can lift our mood and makes us happy.

Commit to your own happiness and joy of life that is so precious and you will radiate.