Creating new patterns

We have had waves of uncertainty so far into the year 2022, carrying over from  the end of 2021. COVID infections surged  and all of us crossing fingers and toes that we did not get sick and test positive so we could head to our planned summer holidays – including me travelling to Queensland with my man for the Christmas / New Year period.
By the end of January we were all resettling, and I was welcoming new students to the studio.
By February I had past students coming back to classes who had not attended since the start of this global COVID journey. What will the rest of March and April bring? They are the months for creating new patterns. So hopefully they bring the prospects of getting excited and happy in attending yoga classes regularly, meeting up with friends, resuming our fitness regime, and enjoying the outdoors (it all has to dry up soon!!!!)
How do we establish new patterns that may have been interrupted or broken by the pandemic, flooding and torrential rain and of course other life occurrences that can throw a spanner in the works (financial difficulties, school, work, relationships.)
My advice is to JUST KEEP GOING. Big breaks can make it harder to place your wellbeing journey as a priority. You lose the momentum and it eventually becomes harder and harder. A distant memory. The body forgets, the mind gets overwhelmed and tells you it’s too late to go back to what you love doing. Self-sabotage and negativity set in.
The last lockdown was the hardest ever. I felt at times so frustrated that I cannot even express it. What pulled me through? My Yoga passion and work. I lowered the cost of my personal yoga training to half price for the hour, and booked yogis outdoors. Yes, we had the weather to be mindful of (thankfully the majority of winter was cool but sunny, just perfect) and I will never forget that as the restrictions kept shifting, sometimes we had to wear a mask for the practise!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhh, but we did it. Not one of those clients regrets going ahead with their yoga journey. Walking to and from the park  for me daily was amazing. We remained healthy and positive.
So what happens as you are reading this and thinking ‘Wow, it has been 15 months since I have attended a group yoga class. What can I do? Is it too late to start?’
It’s never too late. Start slow steady and be consistent. Do not compare yourself to what you could do pre-break and what your usual attendance was like.e.g two double classes every week.  At the start, your journey may look like one class per week. Perfect!!!!!! For many years I have seen so many students make the most amazing gains through just attending one class per week. (Please note they are also keeping mobile and fit with other activities and home practise as well.) Never underestimate consistency, it does not always mean the more the better. 
In each of my classes there is an amazing, welcoming energy. We all hold each other up. Attend class when your mood is low, when you are stressed and feeling flat. You will walk out feeling 1000 times better. I guarantee a giggle, a smile or laughter.
Look after your body, your mind your soul. That’s what yoga does. It looks after you. It brings you back to base. Grounding you and uplifting you. Yes there will be a few grunts from your teacher when we collectively mention the need to select  yoga postures to release our tight hips (you will definitely hear me say TIGHT!!!!TIGHT!!!! TIGHT!!!!!!!).
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel you want to touch base with me before re-commencing your yoga journey and discuss your concerns.
New Yogis: I will also be adding more beginner yoga classes to the timetable so stay tuned.
Hugs and happiness,