Change is scary….but yoga = change

Change is overwhelming.

Change is inevitable.

Change is movement.

Change is necessary.

My year so far has been a year of constant change, on every single level of my life and at times I have been left feeling crushed, exhausted, exhilirated, surprised, scared and excited.

Why can’t change happen in an orderly fashion? Why does the Universe not ask me: Hey Eleni, are you ready for change number one? How long will it take you to adapt to this change? What and how will you support this shift?

Then once you have adapted to that change, number two, it’s your turn now!

But nooooooo. It’s BOOM!! A roller coaster where the ride ends briefly for an inhalation and then BOOM, the time has expired and off you go again.

Change in our personal lives is a test. If we are not moving forward to continue our growth and discovery path, we may get lucky and get a big shove to GO! GO! GO!

I feel after the last six months of 2016 that change is growth – growth to a deeper level of consciousness. Change is inevitable as time shifts, as our discovery paths unfold, through our creative soul of discovery and daily searching.

My adaptation to all the craziness of the last few months has been my holistic lifestyle and the beautiful support of the people around me. My yoga practise, stillness on the mat, my morning meditation, my breathing exercises. Regardless of workload, my connection to nature, some silence and supplementing internally with remedies from my homeopathic dispenser. This year I have allowed myself to ask for help and accept assistance when people offer. That has been a massive change for me because I have always been too proud or pushing myself to get everything done. I have also had support from other health professionals with massage, cupping, acupuncture and visiting my own homeopath.

Has it been all smooth sailing? No! My eczema flared up which built up in consistency and growth to parts of my body that I never thought possible. Stress grows in the body then spills out, and that’s the picture of my eczema. I’ve also been too psyched up to sleep, but I do my little rituals and i usually fall asleep by 1am.

Since moving studios, I have been talking a lot about change and really looking forward to writing this blog topic. Because guess what?


I have been practising yoga for 15 years (which in a yoga lifetime, means I’m still in primary school. When I started yoga, I did not fall in love with it instantly. I just persevered and competed internally with the yogis in my class (EGO!!!!) After two years that changed. I use to practise religiously at 6am every day – this has changed to one or two sessions a week which will suffice. If I did not do a vigorous practise then I felt incomplete and deflated and I spent too much time worrying what my body looked like, and kept pushing to change it (although my hips and hamstrings eventually became more flexible!!!)

Yoga changes so many factors which reflect on daily with my students and clients: energy levels, seasonal changes, injuries, our mindset, disease, our adaptation, spiritual connection, motivation, passion, age, spiritual connection.

Last year I incurred a shoulder tear after a crazy incident with my dog, which changed what I could and could not to do in yoga. This year it was my right knee. But yoga is change so we try new postures and we fall in and out of love with aspects of our practise. Learning new things about ourselves on the mat: THAT is change. I’m sure that I’m not the same yogi  now as I was 15 years ago or that I will be in five years from now.

And all this change, i will continue to welcome while i take a holiday – a change of routine and experiences. I’ll keep you posted. See you in class for our shifts of change and deep manifestations of self love, care and growth.

Love always,