Celebrating 10 years of yoga at Eleni’s

On Sunday 27th of September I united past, present and future students for the 10 year anniversary celebration of Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio.

Having a party was not only to celebrate me – although one of my favourite lines is “it’s all about me” 🙂 – it was to celebrate US!!!!
Yogis – our community, our health, our happiness, our friendships, our love of yoga, our serenity.
The party was a great success and truly a beautiful day. (I was so scared that it would rain, but the clouds glided by and some of the sun’s rays were able to shine through).
I’m totally overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness, assistance and generosity.
I thank you all and most importantly, my Mum, who has the strength of a lion and has given me buckets of courage, confidence and courage. Courage to get my dream become a reality. Advice to never doubt myself.
Gina assisted with all the important elements of a party and her food was so, so delicious. She is a vegetarian, mediterranean cooking machine!!!
The party was a blast and seeing everyone’s interaction  has made me conclude that we all strive to become more accepting and loving.
Yoga teaches us that constantly.
Happy glorious 10 years. Thank you to all who made it happen. I’m truly blessed.
Namaste xx

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