Be careful, because you might have fun

As I’m embarking on the 12th year of my studio, I have to say it’s not always been easy. Small business ventures are hard!!!! In every sector of our community.

I have struggles the same as everyone else. What has helped me constantly is that my day is filled with  bursts of fun. Yep, I have fun!!! I have joy in my work and I teach with the element of fun. I love to laugh and I so look forward to my classes and my days of teaching.
When was fun not taken seriously for us to feel in yoga?
Why is everything we do daily another tick or cross on the to-do-list?
I just don’t want  yoga to be one more thing to be ticked off in our weekly to do list.
Joy, fun and happiness are such important feelings that can be facilitated from our yoga practise, our meditation, our conscious breathing and cleansing rituals.
We all come to the yoga mat for different reasons ranging from mobility, strength, flexibility, to assist and prevent injuries, stress relief, unity, health, manage anxiety, to assist depression, mindfulness and so much more.
As we get on our mats we feel our bodies restrict us or our thoughts: “Why am I not more of this? (flexible, coordinated, thinner, stronger, better at balances, able to get a posture etc) and boom, we get down on ourselves. Then we have a look on Instagram and freak out at the thousands of  yoga models  and range of practitioners and question our practise.
Please don’t!!!! Fun and yoga can mix!!!! Come to yoga to feel and not just do.
So what if there’s something we can’t do? We constantly learn.
Learning is fun, adapting is fun.
Wondering at times “what the hell is my body doing?” Yep, that’s fun too.
Sometime, the best yogis are kids! I love teaching kids, because their hearts are glowing in lightheartedness.
Every kid, even if they have not been shown formally, will perform a downward facing dog and alternate raising a leg.
Yes, they love anchoring their head down as well and I go NO, NO, NO WITHOUT STOPPING THE FUN.
We have to do so many things in life such as pay bills, (yep, like yoga fees), clean the bathroom, study for exams, wash, clean, put petrol in the car.
Just please don’t let yoga be another element that hangs for us as a duty.
Gratitude is massive – be grateful that we got on the mat, and that equals an internal smile.
I aim to have a laugh when I teach. I’m not a quiet, serious yoga teacher (and at times I do love serious quiet yoga teachers) but I feel joy in interacting with all the yogis.
We go through a journey of self discovery constantly. Laughter is the best medicine. It has lifted my soul.
So don’t feel that yoga is all doom and gloom.
Connection of mind and body=fun
Mindfulness and self awareness=fun and joy
We are all pure beings of light.
We want health, vitality, energy, calmness, a smile and laughter – and mine can be a snorting chuckle!!!!
With the start of Spring we feel a new energy and perception of life and love. Ask yourself: Do I have bursts of fun during the day?
Come to yoga and it will uplift you in so many ways. But be careful, because you might have fun.