About Eleni

“Breath, first and foremost is the most essential tool in yoga.”

Eleni Leontsini is the owner of Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio.

She is a nationally registered and accredited Yoga teacher and Homeopath and winner of the AHA Award for Best Clinical Trainee at the 2007 SCHM Graduation.

She has been running her studio is inner south west Sydney for 15 years.

Her late, great teacher Acharya Upendra Roy would always say yoga is a way of life.

To Eleni, it is life.

“I’m a yogi lover, a physical and emotional creature of Greek descent, who is obsessed with all matters of health, vitality and movement. My world is about feeling connected to my internal and external body and present to my soul. That’s what brought me to also study and practise the holistic practise of Homeopathy. Yoga is my pinnacle of everything but I also have room for swimming in every ocean pock pool that I can, running, dance classes, weight training and reading and loving every page of Vogue. While I like all kinds of physical challenges, those which I don’t particularly excel at include trapeze, hula hoop and pole gymnastics. Oh and i’m currently learning welding. I have been running my own yoga studio for 10 years. Prior to that, I taught aerobics and leading fitness programs for eight years at the State Parliament of NSW. I love teaching yoga classes that are ecstatic, safe and joyful. For my balance I need yoga, meditation and quiet reflective time anywere in nature, homeopathic remedies, kindness, teaching classes, my mum, laughter, interacting with my nephew and three nieces, my dog Jedda, massage, acupuncture, fundraising and contact with the ocean.”