Health – my approach

We have down dogged, balanced and lengthened through and already reached midway through the year!!! Hello Winter 2017.

I’m in awe of everyone’s dedication, how much you have improved in your Yoga practise and also how you have welcomed guided relaxation and meditation more and more into your classes.

Yoga is the tool that saw my own wellbeing improve out of sight. The practise, the breathing and the meditative focus of living in a space of peace has made my life (as I am heading into my mid-40’s!) better then ever. With getting older and being around the health and movement industry for a solid 24 years, my definition of health goals and wellbeing have definitely shifted, by looking at a collective of all my students daily.
1: Community, Communication and Interaction
Socialising and connecting, communication, support and respect. I cannot describe how important it is to me for yogis to step into a class and to be acknowledged with a “Hello, how are you?” Yoga is conducted in a space of sharing  and brings likeminded, caring people together (something our big city is seemingly starting to lack more and more – humanity). To talk, to share, to have a conversation. I’m such a proud Yoga Mumma when I observe students introducing themselves to new students or striking up a conversation with someone in the class afterwards. We talk and see the same people everyday, but how do we reach out to meet others? Are we more isolated then ever before? I love social media but do you truly feel connected in your soul? There are countless studies in medical and psychology journals about how social interaction helps us fight depression, improves our immunity and helps older adults to combat the ageing process. So get chatting yogis, meet and greet and be open to conversation, and of course I will get cracking to organise some more yoga socials!
2: Chemicals and fake substances destroy our health and our planet’s health.
It is so unfortunate that we live in an unhealthy environment. Sydney, you really are a polluted mess!!! The air we breathe is a toxic cocktail of pollutants, and unfortunately so is your hairdressing salon, nail studio, public transport, clothing, homeware, fast food, the majority of items in the supermarket aisles, beauty and make up products, 24-hour gyms, oceans and …….. the list is endless. Rubbish and plastic sucks – the amount of McDonalds bags of rubbish that Mum and I pick up from outside our house is friggin’ shocking!!! I feel we need to step up our environmental consciousness that bit higher and strive to lead a chemical-free daily life. This is real, everyone!! Just for June, try looking at the following:
  • In the shower at the start and end of day – in every product you use, how many chemicals are listed? Also, that packaging – can it be refilled? Recycled?
  • Hair products and make up – do you need to use all those products? Are they tested on animals? Do you choose the less toxic brands?
  • How much plastic and plastic bags are you using daily? No, really!!!
  • Food???? Are you reading the ingredients? The more the numbers on a product list, the more concern you should have about ingesting it!!!
Am I a perfect advocate of a chemical free life? No!!! I love to drink Pepsi Max at times, which is a cocktail of chemicals and carcinogens. I wear Yoga tights and some of my Yoga wear is made from synthetic substances so BOOOOO meee!!! But I’m trying, shifting and getting super real with myself. Chemicals impact our health of body and mind, today and in the future. This planet is not renewable.
One of the immediate changes I have decided to make is that all the food we sell in the studio will now be in recyclable glass containers (or you can bring your own containers). Even all vegan and vegetarian soups will be in glass containers and when you return them you get a $1 refund back!
Love to us all. Compassion and deep gratitude for all that we have.