Studio Timetable

This timetable is current as at  July 2019.

Bookings are essential! To secure your place in a class, or to book an appointment for homeopathy, please follow the BOOK NOW button above.

Open Yoga
(60 minutes)
6am – 9am
Private lessons
Yoga Morning Flow
Yoga Athletic
(60 minutes)
Sun Salutes
and Meditation
(60 minutes)
Yoga and Hiking / Beach Yoga
(3 hours)
Gentle yoga and
low impact fitness
(60 minutes)
Yoga Fitness
(60 minutes)
Open Yoga
(70 minutes)
Seniors Yoga
(60 minutes)
Open Yoga
(80 minutes)
Daytime9:30am – 4:30pm
and follow ups
and follow ups
1pm – 4:30pm
Private lessons
General Yoga –
all levels
(60 minutes)
Yoga for Spine
Strength, Posture
and Alignment
(60 minutes)
Yoga and Meditation for stress and anxiety
(60 minutes)
Yoga spine, strength
and core – all levels
(70 minutes)
Introductory Belly Dance workshop with
Despina Rosales
13th July
6pm – 7:30pm
Cost: $35
Yoga Flow
(80 minutes)
Yoga Fitness
(60 minutes)
Winter Loving
Beginners Yoga
(70 minutes)
The ultimate yoga marathon
25th July
6pm – 9pm
Cost: As per normal
class + $10 donation
to Cathy Freeman
Women’s Crystal Circle
20th July
includes vegetarian
food & wine

Women’s Crystal Circle
Saturday 20th July
6pm – 8:30pm

We have met 2019 in the centre. Facilitating Women’s Circles at the studio has had an immense impact in my inner strength as a woman, and produced profound confidence in my inner spiritual and creative world. The women who have been attending these circles have enjoyed the connection of like-minded souls and the unity of the experience.

In this circle we will be working with crystals in meditation and balancing our energy channels. We will create grids to manifest what you need to pursue wholeheartedly, your divine desires and to let go of negativity and the mindset that holds us back.

Afterwards, we will share some food, lovingly prepared by Mumma Regina.

Cost: $55. Bookings essential.

The ultimate yoga marathon
To raise funds for Cathy Freeman Foundation
Thursday 25th July
6pm – 9pm

Can you handle it? There’s even a yoga prize for the yogis that make it to the end!

Cost: As per normal class + $10 donation to Cathy Freeman Foundation

You can also elect to join for one hour – from 6pm – 7pm, 7pm – 8pm or 8pm – 9pm

Booking essential.


Introductory Belly Dance workshop with Despina Rosales
Saturday 13th July 2019
6pm – 7:30pm

Celebrate your body and shimmy away the winter chill.

Cost: $35. Bookings essential.


Greece retreat 2020

Are you ready for Greece 2020? I’m hosting an amazing, personalised yoga retreat in the country were every beach is a shade of blue that cannot be described, where history is everywhere, where the fruits and vegetables are astonishingly tasty because they have not been tainted by a plethora of chemicals and where people are out socialising and having fun after 12 midnight (and that’s on weekdays!)

There will be two one-week retreats. Choose between Retreat #1 from 14th– 20th July 2020, or Retreat #2 from 21st to 27th July 2020 (or join for the whole two weeks for a special rate!)

We will visit two islands during each week with a choice of Santorini, Syros, Kefalonia, Ithaki, Mylos, Hydra and Amorgos. The final decision about what islands we visit will depend on bookings and client demand J

Inclusions: Travelling with me, accommodation, transportation, sight-seeing, food, yoga, holistic therapies, meditation, fitness, health coaching and fun. You will be required to arrange and pay for your own flights.

Early bird special: Book and pay in full by 31st December 2019 and receive a special rate of $4,500 Australian dollars for one week. Book and pay after 31st December, for a standard rate of $5,200 for one week. OR join for the entire two week period for the special rate of $7,000.

The retreat is open to students of the studio as well as others – including international guests.

Requirements: You need to be open for adventure and ready to hear me chanting: Adventure before Dementia!

Contact me to find out more!

Class descriptions and prices

Yoga Classes

All yoga classes are $23 for a casual class (unless specified) $16 for seniors or high school students, or use your pre-paid Yoga Pass .

High Energy Yoga / Yoga Athletic (60 minutes)
Yoga sequences, flowing in a medium to high tempo energetic pace, inspired by Sun Salutes. There is no relaxation component at the end of this class.

Yoga Fitness (60 minutes)
A class designed to introduce and challenge students to use free weights, weighted bars, bands, skipping ropes, steps to increase fitness and of course have fun. Great for all ages, very personalized and fulfilling. Just bring your will to sweat and to be moved out of your comfort zone. You will need to wear sneakers for this one!

Gentle Yoga and Meditation (60 minutes)
Suitable for all levels to start the week with a smile

Open Yoga (90 minutes)
A mixed level class, taught in flowing sequences. Vinyasana Flow – general to intermediate level.

General Yoga (80 minutes)
Suitable for regular practitioners of yoga, or yogis who have had a break in their practice for a while and want to start again.

Absolute Beginners Yoga (60 minutes)
A gentle approach to starting yoga for all ages – includes a relaxation and meditation component.

Yoga for spine strength, posture and alignment (60 minutes)
Emphasis on strength of the solar plexus core. Working on variations of planks, balances and twists. A class that suits all levels.

Back to Basics Yoga (70 minutes)
A great class for beginners or regular yogi practitioners. Students will work from limbering, standing postures and balances. Closure of the class is sitting postures and savasana to end.

Soothing gentle yoga, mindfulness and relaxation (75 minutes) $25
Time to unwind, touch base with our breath, a time to slow down, move tight muscles in a gentle manner and to bring exhausted minds to a place of peacefulness and calm. Open to all levels.

Yoga classes

Seniors Yoga class
A great class to promote and assist the Health and stability of the body. Emphasis on balances using a chair, strength of muscles, joints and ligaments. Each class will end with relaxation and meditation.

Yoga and Hiking
$40-$60 for a casual class
A new class to bring vitality to our bodies and lungs!! Exploring the wonderful little urban wonderlands and hidden nature reserves and trails of Sydney. Sturdy shoes, backpack, towel, water are needed. Walking trails, yoga, nature connection and sunshine.

Yoga Summer Glow 
A beautiful Vinyasana flow class to bring and sustain beautiful energy to your body and enliven your senses.

Yoga flow

Creative sequencing using yoga Props the Wheel and Foam Rollers. Open to all levels.


Meditation for the heart and soul (30 minutes)
$15 for a casual class
Guided relaxation , visualisation and meditation. All levels welcome.

Breathing and Mindfulness (60 minutes)
$25 for a casual class
This is class is held on selected Sunday evenings. A time to put aside the to do list and focus on inner harmony.


Homeopathic Consultations and follow ups (30 – 60 minutes)
All consultations are $80 – $100
Mother and baby sessions: $60
Remedies: $20 – $25

Yoga for Kids

Kids Yoga and Meditation with parents (check the timetable for details!)
A class just for kids and their parents. Interactive and active classes with the theme of fun, confidence and stress reduction techniques. Delicious snack included!

Private classes: Yoga for kids
Please contact us for pricing
Private yoga, relaxation and fitness programs for individuals, groups and groups based at schools and day care centres. To introduce Yoga classes to your school or centre, please contact me to find out more!

Yoga at Work

Private classes: Yoga at Work
Please contact us for pricing
Private yoga, relaxation and fitness programs for individuals, groups and the corporate sector. To introduce Yoga classes to your workplace, please contact me to find out more!

Save with a pre-paid yoga pass! Contact me at to purchase your pass which can be used for any yoga class in the studio.

$100 – for a 5-class pass (save $15) *please note this pass must be used within 2 months of purchase

$180 – for a 10-class pass (save $50) *please note this pass must be used within 3 months of purchase

$330 – for a 20-class pass (save $130) *please note this pass must be used within 5 months of purchase