Spring makes me happy + a homeopathy story

In Spring, I feel like I’m on holidays. My music selection for classes probably reflects that.

Yoga is my number one de-stressor. What I try to do in every class is really honour the reason of why on that day you have chosen to come to class – it’s all important for me. Sustaining our practise is such a precious tool for our wellbeing. How good does it feel when you have reached the end of the class!? You are all so motivated and I feel this year you have just pushed to a higher level. This has nothing to do with me, but you – superstar yogis.


Did you know on 22nd August the studio reached a super milestone of 15 years!!!!! I feel so strong and lucky to be able to follow through after the COVID shut down. The decision to move from Bexley North and set up in a different space was not taken lightly, but wow. I have been so busy, it’s been super exciting and a pleasant surprise. I did not mark the 15 year anniversary with a party, but hey, we have so much to look forward to. Thank you for your support everyone. I’m really, really grateful. This could not have happened without you.


I have been registered as an Australian Homeopath for the last 12 years and as a practitioner, I know that you are all looking at your health from so many different angles. What makes Homeopathy stand out as a holistic modality is that how we feel – the mind symptoms – are rated with as much importance as the physical.

I want to share a story. On Monday, I walked to my chiropractic appointment in Bexley North and on my walk back to Clemton Park, I took some detours. As I walked past a house and admired a beautiful plant, there was a lovely lady sweeping her porch.

I said ‘good morning’ and she told me that this particular plant was planted by her late brother, who had died 10 months after planting it. This was followed a year later by the death of her other brother on Christmas Day. We talked for a while, and I felt that she had not talked to anyone for a while. I was there to listen to her story.

Her Mum had dementia and her younger sister had Cerebral Palsy. She herself had survived bowel cancer and detrimental heart problems (she mentioned the name of her diagnosis, but I cannot remember.) She gave very detailed descriptions about her health issues, including dates and names of her doctors and specialists.

She said “No one could explain the reasons for my heart problems before I had surgery to fix. I never smoked or drank alcohol, but I’ll tell you why – the grief ate me up. All the worry, and and grief, I kept it all in my heart, until I could not hold anymore.”

In my mind, as I listened to her story, I thought of all the Homeopathic remedies I could have given her. Yes, medical intervention was needed – she’s only around because of surgery by a specialised team that brought her back to life in a 13 hour operation. Allopathic medicine is wonderful but us humans are such complex creatures, healing takes many avenues and I truly believe Homeopathy can help do that.

The lady was so wonderful and wise – a retired academic. I’m happy that she shared her story, we all need to share our stories.

I asked her name and she replied Helen.

I said: I’m Eleni.


A new studio, a new perspective

I’m so excited and happy to be writing this blog post.

Eleni’s Yoga has moved to a new location at 59 Jarrett Street Clemton Park.

I have a new way of working, a new business plan, a new energy flow – but at the end of the day, it’s still the same old me.

A loud, talkative, transparent and happy Eleni.

A huge shoutout to everyone who has supported my business, I am truly grateful. For checking in, for your unwavering continuation of positivity, for keeping up with your yoga and homeopathic consultations. Thank you also to everyone who embraced my yoga clothing range, and told friends and family. Simply WOW. I’m going to smooch you when we can.

I propose the following new words to add to our conversations, intentions, self belief,communications, and our hashtags FOR THE REST OF 2020:

Connection, Kindness, Calmness, Uplifting, Exciting, Loving, Meditative, Empowering, Enriching, Truthful, Exploring, Carefree, Joy, Peaceful, Compassionate, Prosperous, Beautiful, Resourceful, Simplicity, Vibrant, Mindfulness, Laughter, Spirituality, Conscious, Vitality, Adventurous, Holistic, Understanding.

As I type this blog in July 2020 it’s instead all about Clusters, Social Distancing, Restrictions, Travel-Bans, Quarantine, Death Rates, Hospitals, Lockdowns, Hand Sanitising, Masks, Toilet Paper, Infection Rates, Sickness, Non-Body Contact, Closed Borders, Unemployment, Getting Tested, Closed Off, Rules, Regulations, Stay Home.

It has been a very stressful, confusing last few months. The fear amongst can, at times, feel big. We are stressed and scared. We cannot continue like this. We will get through this but please look after yourselves and one another. Build up your inner resilience and stay motivated.

With every path of negativity there is also a positive. For me personally, the complete shut down of my business in March gave me time and space to heal after a surgery I had to have. I Thank God always that it went ahead at the end of March. I completely healed and had the time to rest and time to recover well. It forced me to rethink and recalibrate as i made some huge decisions about my business.

I let go of so much!!!!! Decluttering took on and felt like an entirely new meaning.

I became more resourceful and found out that I can do much more then I thought I could.

I’m grateful to so many people. There is so much kindness that can be experienced every day. Even on a rainy Sunday, I had the most helpful Sales Assistant in Bras & Things at Roselands, who excelled in her manner to serve me, and assist. There’s abundant kindness out there, be open to feeling it as well as to giving it.

Be brave, kind and happy. Be grateful and give thanks for all that we have.

I can’t wait to see you in Clemton Park.


Reflections and updates of Autumn 2020

Hi everyone,

I cannot express how amazing I feel. There’s a strength in my mind and body, a trustful energy of protection and positivity. There were many moments of OMG over the last few weeks! Thoughts of:

  • I don’t want to get sick
  • I don’t want my parents – or anyone else in the world – to get COVID-19
  • I don’t want to lose my business
  • I don’t want my surgery to be cancelled
  • But damn you fear I did not let you come in, and when you did you had to leave after just one glass of red wine.
    Resilience, faith and daily goals allowed me to adapt to the daily new temporary normal. I stayed focused. I did not plan too far ahead – five days max.
    My surgery also went ahead and everything was fine – I’m in perfect health.
    Thank you to everyone who booked for private yoga sessions, had homeopathic consultations, and bought clothing from my yoga range. I was so excited when I posted two pairs of the yoga pants to South Australia!
    I also allowed and will continue to allow yogis who have passes to use their stickers for private classes to the value of $80.
    Thank you for all the messages from past and present students checking in and saying hello. What a beautiful community that we have.
    There will be more changes this year (it’s that kind of a year!!) but no fear – just abundant positivity and inner perseverance.

    A little bit about me

    There are so many new faces at the studio this year, so I thought it could be a good time to talk a little bit about myself. I already talk about myself in class and sometimes I have to clarify that the story I am telling has nothing to do with your yoga practise! Lol 🙂 Welcome to my random Aquarian energy.
    Before I list all my facts and figures I would like to say that, so far,2020 has been a beautiful year with health, abundance, love, clarity and happiness. As with every year, I am super thankful for this yoga-holistic space. I have no idea where and how the last 15 years went, but what I can definitely guarantee is that you, my yogis, are part of a supportive community where all of us want to thrive, and to uplift our spirits. Laughter, understanding, acceptance, and community is what you will get at this studio.
    Now to the part where it’s more about me and less about your yoga practise:
    ** I love Greek cheese
    Yes, you all keep talking about French cheeses, blue, vegan cheese…. hmmm no!!!
    Alright, I do love tasty, ricotta, provolone cheese…..so ok, all cheeses rock (except the mouldy ones).
    ** I used to teach aerobics
    So in Yoga Fitness or the Abs-butts-thighs-triceps class, I still try to bring hamstring curls, grapevines and easy walks back into fashion. I was there through the whole ‘g-string leotard over the tights’ and ‘skin coloured tights phenomenon’ so enough said, haha.
    ** Running rocks!!!
    I have a beautiful GP who, over the last 20 years, has seen me go from a total exercise/food obsessed woman (who had no periods for a zillion years) to the healthy, balanced woman that I feel I am now. He would always admire my fitness and then he would tell me how he wanted to get more fit himself. Guess what? He’s currently training for a marathon. Yes, a marathon. His training route was the one I trained on endlessly when I decided to run a marathon. I know it by heart. I still do it. But let’s be real, 70 minutes is usually my maximum. I’m so, so proud of him, and I love talking strategy with him. He’s had such a turnaround in relation to exercise and fitness. I guess I see that in so many people whom I come across daily. Many communicate to me that Yoga is not for them. I believe timing is everything so I tell them to be open to change and to trying something new (but please do not wait 20 years until you come back to my yoga class or want to start a practise!)
    ** I feel I have lived a few lifetimes on this earth.
    From the age of 5, I have always felt more connected with older people. These days, I’m a middle aged yogi 🙂
    ** I only started participating in gardening the last three years.
    Boy is it hard work but so, so fulfilling.!!!!
    **  I’m a magazine-oholic!!!
    When I was 6 or 7 years of age, I would save to buy Manina and Katerina magazines (Greek magazines for young girls), which then became Dolly, Girlfriend and Seventeen. As I got older, I was drawn to fashion publications including French and Italian Vogue. I have collected so many Vogue issues including the UK and American editions and I really don’t think I can ever throw them away. I also love Elle magazine (the Greek publication as well) and of course yoga magazines galore. What has saved the budget – and office space – is joining the local libraries at Earlwood, Marrickville and Campsie. I get my high by borrowing magazines and then returning them in 14 days. Earlwood Library even has the Greek version of InStyle magazine and a pretty amazing cookbook publication called Gastronomos. PS. Please do not mention magazines that are online. It’s not the same as turning a glossy page and it never will be.

    **I love crystals.

    If I could, I would have 100x times the collection that I currently have. My homeopath, who was also one of my lecturers when I was studying Homeopathy, has written extensively on the Rose Quartz and there is another amazing book called The 12 Jewels by Peter Tumminello.
    All crystals have remarkable properties and they can be used as remedies for healing. My current obsession sleeping with three beautiful Quartz crystals sourced from Brazil – I simply have the best sleep.
    ** I’m obsessed with languages.
    I dream of speaking fluent Italian and Spanish, conversing at a beach near you. hahaha – meanwhile, I will stick with Greek.
    ** I believe in miracles.
    Magic has touched me and I have witnessed it many times. Faith strengthens my soul.
    I believe that yoga, conscious breath and meditation are tools for rebalancing each individual regardless of age, sex, nationality. We are all as one, but of course some are more talkative then others.

    Resilience + Perseverance

    The theme of this blog – the last one of 2019 – has been inspired by an unknown: a young kid who I see kicking and practicing soccer at my local park every afternoon.

    He is no older than 13 or 14 and he says ‘hello’ whenever I walk past with my crazy dog Jedda. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, rain or shine, he’s there, concentrating on going through the drills. He does not have a coach or mum or dad going through the drills with him, he’s just on his own. He practices non stop – so dedicated and in the moment. A strong mindset, a strong inner purpose. Time is of no consideration to him.

    Such a resilient young soul, he just radiates. Like an old Nanna, I always whisper: may he be blessed with all the luck in the world.

    Personally I feel I have needed to have resilience and perseverance in spades this year. I have definitely been spoilt in the past, with my annual trip to Greece. Greece is my inspiration – a portal to creativity and wellbeing, an essential part of my life. This year I actually took no holidays. Zilch, just public holidays. Of course, no violins serenading here, I am blessed to work in my dream jobs. Healing, health, yoga, movement – it’s soul-inspiring work. I am surrounded by such nice, nice, nice people, I have no words.

    Getting to a yoga class week in, week out requires such perseverance and discipline. So many of you did that. Some yogis never missed a week of practise this year. I find that extraordinary. I feel so in awe of you. Morning practitioners, afternoon, evenings. Some yogis running 5-10 minutes late to make class, leaving kids to designated baby sitters, dashing post work, to not miss their class.

    This year I truly noted how far some students have progressed in their practise. Regulars who truly stepped it up. And up. And up!!! Yogis who were beginners who are now just so strong and smooth, beautiful, mindful operators.

    My Homeopathic practise has also been a blessing. Even in my personal life as well, when I see the benefits that my clients experience. For me, Homeopathy took care of me, and it was on the sphere of the mind. My compulsive mindset. My anorexia in my early 20’s later saw me become exercise obsessive and food obsessive. I counted my daily food intake relentlessly and I set my own warped standard to follow. I punished myself by restricting food and adding more exercise. Over the years, behaviour patterns like that become normal. But self awareness and the will to change took over. I could not continue to live like that. My body complained, I had no periods for one stretch of three years, then in my 30’s, I experienced six years of amenorrhea. My mind at times would add and subtract what I ate 40 or 50 times a day until I felt satisfied. The the next day came and it started again.

    My first Homeopath, who still is and was also my lecturer, steered me to a remedy that was so subtle. I will never forget, I was walking with my Mum on the sand at Brighton Le Sands, and I turned to her and said: “Today I have not made a mental list of all that I have consumed.” I was so surprised!! And the best feeling was realising that WOW, my mind was at rest, and I could do other things. Another of those WOW moments was when I experienced a progressive guided relaxation class with my late teacher, Acharya Upendra Roy.

    Homeopathy took off this year like a rocket, and I have officially practised for 10 years. 10 years of Perseverance and Resilience. I’m happy that I did not give up, I kept up my registration requirements, and education. I continued even when some months the work that came was at a snails pace.

    Life is at times such a challenge, but so wonderful and amazing. Thank you for choosing me as your yoga teacher, guide, Facilitator, Homeopath, friend. Truly I cannot ask for anything more.

    Merry Christmas if you celebrate the religious/Christian aspect of this holy day like I do.

    Otherwise, a Happy Happy 2020 and an amazing festive season for whatever you are celebrating. I wish you a year with more love, connection, health, peace and blissful smiles and hearts. There is no room for anything else.

    PS. I wrote this blog before the week of the great fires that have engulfed our state and caused, among other devastation, such poor air quality in Sydney. Well, this kid still practised on those afternoons. Never give up.


    My current yoga lessons on and off the mat

    This blog has been written with the continuous transition of the sun becoming brighter and our days getting warmer and longer. Here’s what I am shifting into deeper (and maybe you as well, yogi reader.)

    Awareness of my current space and state of being. So much can be missed if we’re busy, stressed and not well rested. It’s the tiny beautiful moments in life that can be missed because we fail to just sit and observe. To be present. When I look at my niece as she is drawing her pictures, her facial expressions change by the seconds.!!!!! So cute and precious.
    Our phone addiction is taking so much away from us. Let’s stop recording our lives and just live them.

    With Awareness we can…

    Feel Deeply
    Breathe into body, mind, heart and to all the spaces. To feel deeply for me is to feel whole. To feel deeply you need…… well for me that’s easy: to do Yoga, to be in nature, to meditate, to be creative, to listen, to dance, to move to music, to be in the ocean, to be around people who are kind, loving and peaceful. I have no time for negative people, or selfish behaviour.
    When you feel deeply, you can feel…

    My coping mechanisms over the last few years are so much better. I feel lightness in situations that stress me or bring me down. My stress in the past (not that i do not get stressed now, believe me yogis  I do!!!) but in the past my stress, which would increase my anxiousness, was so overwhelming that I can best describe it as being like a stampede of horses on my heart. For that, I have fearfulness to blame. Fearfulness is such a non-constructive state in which to be. It helps with nothing!!!! The awareness of my breath and my affirmations are what is creating my lightness in the days where the load of stress increases. Affirmations are my go to, day and night.
    With lightness you can achieve…

    Self love and self acceptance
    This lesson took me a long, long, long, long, long time to figure out and my Yoga Voice will boom this as loud as I can – and you all know how loud I can be!!!!! DO NOT WASTE BEAUTIFUL BRAIN CELLS in being consumed with your body image. There is truly more to life. I can’t have the tight abdominals that I had in my early 30’s – I can joke about it, but I truly feel comfortable and own all the stretch marks that are visible in my stomach. No six pack, so what???!!!??
    Last but not least, with self love and self acceptance comes…

    Self empowerment and independence
    For me this is about having the ability to do what I want, when I want to do it. To strive for what is important and precious to me. My own inner strength is unlimited. We can be restricted in our society by many factors and at times that could be money,  job security, expectations etc; but that cannot define your inner courage and drive.

    And now we are coming to the end which is the DON’T List. These are currently written on the chalkboard at the studio. Please yogis, if you want to add more to the list, write them on the board xxx


    14 years old: wooooohooooooo!!

    14 years. Just as well I like even numbers, haha.

    My goodness were did 14 years go? I’m older, more in tune with my energetic soul and my passion for yoga, holistic healing and health is off the charts. I actually enjoy teaching now more then ever, and I’m always aware of how big my responsibility is as a yoga teacher.

    I registered the yoga studio on the 22nd of August in 2005, and when I received the certificate from the Office of Fair Trading I was like: “Wow. Here we go!”

    At the time I was working around four or five  jobs. Mum and I had a cafe on Eleventh Street Mascot, I had the contract at State Parliament in Macquarie street teaching fitness classes, I was teaching as a permanent regular at gyms such as Fernwood next to Wynyard station (which doesn’t exist anymore), training private clients and studying homeopathy.

    It all came together so organically and bit by bit.

    My emblem was designed by a beautiful soul named Renata who I have lost touch with through the years. I had met her in Simon Borgs’  6:00am classes at Bondi Junction. When I told her what I was embarking on, she offered to create my logo and sign. Payment? Bartering. I trained her with outdoor fitness sessions and, well, you have seen my symbol. Blessings of the universe.

    While reflecting on the past I started looking for my diaries. I’m very passionate about documenting my feelings, life, events and my integration in this world. I would design my own diaries and add clippings from magazines that sparked my interest. I have kept a record of every student that has come through the studio doors through all these years.

    Let me remind you that when I started the yoga studio there was no Facebook or social media advertising. No Instagram, no website. My yogi customers came from pamphlet letterbox drops and referrals. People called me for enquiries (I still have the same phone number) and I wrote all the enquiries and address down – so cute.

    I have so many stories from the last 14 years I have no idea were to start, but there’s a yoga book that I will be getting out in the future. I can’t help it, I’m a story teller and a big talker!!!! Would you still believe me if I told you that I still get a few butterflies at the start of some classes? Yes I do.

    I have been teaching group and private classes for 25 years every day, every week, with the only breaks being while i’m on holidays (HELLO GREECE!) or public holidays. I don’t take sick days but I started this year saying “no” sometimes (for example, I won’t teach that class today because it’s not busy, or my vocals are exhausted or my legs.)

    My strength as a teacher is that I can teach any age group. Of course I have so much to learn and I’m always learning and refining. I have had many students and clients become yoga teachers over the years. Recently I had a homeopath contact me for a remedy, and I realised she was a homeopathic client of mine before she became a homeopath herself.

    To stay around for 14 years it comes down to the community of people who back you up. A strong foundation of yogis who want to learn and are passionate about their practise. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a part of you.

    My discipline matches my students’ discipline. Passion for the yoga is the gift that we hold in our soul and also share with our loved ones.
    I am truly grateful for all my students, from the past, the present and the future. I have no words, just hugs.

    My number one supporter has been my Mum. What a woman!!! Without her, i’m not sure if I would have had the strength at times to continue. She has my back and her advice and the way she boosts my confidence when I lose to the fear cloud.

    What does the future hold for me and us?

    Well there’s no denying that leading yoga retreats in Australia and taking small groups of yogis to Greece for health, fun, yoga and fitness is my passion and what  i’m working towards more. Greece 2020 dates and prices are up on the website. I will also be leading yoga teacher training courses in the near future. That will be amazing, and your responses and interest so far have inspired me even further.

    My homeopathy practise has become so much stronger and the results are what gets me more and more bookings. Did you know I’m officially a national homeopath, registered for 10 years and winner of clinical training? I’m thinking of branching out to a practise at Bondi Beach or the Shire. How much time do I have and what can i fit in?? haha, I have no idea.

    And there will be a 14-year yoga party for sure!!! But I’m waiting for Summer. I love our gatherings at Nielsen Park and we are so due for one.

    Big love to you all,

    Eleni xxx

    PS. There will be a surprise offer, which will appear on social media close to the studio’s birthday either on my Instagram account or Facebook page. Follow, share or if you’re old school like me, phone me. 😉

    Yoga is happiness sprinkled with some tears

    What makes us happy, what makes us laugh? I’m sure if you have attended my classes you will know that i do randomly call out how yoga makes me happy.

    It’s a feeling that perhaps can’t be described in a simple blog post, but it is what has glued me to this practise for the last 17 years.

    There’s a joy in the physicality of a practise – a stillness, and a true involvement of all the senses. As a student you need to listen to your body, to my instructions, to your intuition, and to sustain a comfortable rhythm of breathing.
    On a mat there’s a variety of movement in all directions. You stand, fold, unfold, sit, rise, lift, twist and lie down.

    Yoga is humanity, yes it is. You come with a group of students or yourself and you unfold into the life force, the prana, the today, the nectar.

    Natalie is a young student at the studio who just finished high school in 2018 (yes you think you feel old!!!) I always ask what each student needs from the class prior to starting the yoga session. Natalie’s answer is always: “I want to have fun”. And that’s it, my friends. I smile as soon as I hear this.

    Your practise is hard work, you try to do the postures or the meditation that at times we resist internally. What?!?! Cobra???!!! Planks??!!! Balances??!!! Sit for 5 minutes and observe the breath???!!! But you stop, breathe and concentrate. Then we try, we put effort, we have a smile, we give ourselves an internal warm high five and move on. I call that happiness.

    Yogis groaning in class, yep I call that happiness too – haha!

    Happiness is when you simply observe your toes and that’s it. Happiness is having that time and momentary stillness to listen to your breath. It’s magical. Happiness is fumbling with some postures and being fine with that. Not beating yourself up, not been hard on yourself.

    Teaching young kids is something I truly love. The 4-5 year old demographic – boy do we have fun. 5-12 year olds – you are sublime and giggly. I learn from kids all the time. They see right through us. They live for joy and are gifts to this world. I just wish adults could get off their phones and be amongst the happiness of kids.

    Happiness is to have time to see the light, to find the inner knowledge, the inner spark, to smile. Life is crazy nuts!!!! Yoga and meditation makes me sit back. At times, I fail. My current test is related to the traffic that is growing daily in Sydney’s streets. The beeping cars moving past, and being stuck in traffic at peak times in front of our serene yoga home. I try not to roll my eyes, but to crack a joke instead (hmmm I think they need yoga and move on!)

    Yoga is the sun and moon, the feminine and masculine, and with happiness we have sadness. With my late teacher, at times in Shavasana, I have experienced moments of tears streaming down my face. Just a pure release. While undertaking my yoga teacher training course it was at a period of my life that was constantly shifting. I was post a shock divorce, an abrupt end to a love story that had bad timing. While going through the divorce, an eating disorder that reared its ugly head. I worked three jobs, as well as studying and figuring my new path in life. We all have a story, don’t we.

    But!!!If you are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, please tell me, or list it in your medical clearance form so we can have a discussion. Shavasana at the end of the class may not be relaxing for you and may bring you to an anxious state, when that’s not something we need to experience in a class. An 80-90 minutes class may be too much too handle. I will advise you and guide you.

    Yoga is a proven therapeutic modality for anxiety and depression, but do discuss with me what you are currently experiencing, so that we have a clear path of where we are heading. If you are taking anti-depressants, list them on your form. Some of the side effects I will need to draw your attention to, so I may give you variations in your practise, in a subtle way.

    Yoga is my happiness and my light and I hope it’s yours as well. Tune to the breath, to stillness, to love and compassion for yourself, others, animals and the environment.


    Passion and practicality

    Happy May everyone. It’s been wonderful to meet the many new yogis rocking my little studio, as well as students who are revisiting after having attended classes in the past. Everyone’s improvement and confidence in their practise has been truly wonderful to witness. We have a magnificent yoga community – no doubt about it.
    So today I want to talk about PASSION!!! Does that make you think of being close and sexy next to someone? Well for me, it’s about feeling that passion in life can take a sudden stop and a back seat to safety and PRACTICALITY!!!! (BOOOOO BOOOOOO BOOO!!!)
    My passion has been running a yoga studio for 13 years. My super dream job. It was definitely not what I thought I would be doing in my life, when I started my personal yoga journey in my 20s. I can tell you they were a bumpy two years. I was the tightest yogi you would have ever met, also super in my head, a muscly (back then), anxious, hard ball of doubt. But I turned a corner.
    Yoga was my everything. I did classes, courses, went to Byron Bay on my own whenever I could (and this was 14-15 years ago, pre-Instagram era peeps) and attended Yoga festivals. I truly did yoga all day. I attended classes with teachers like John Ogilvie, Rachel Zinman, Lance Schuller and let’s not forget Simon Borg. I would go on a mat and just wait for the teacher’s guidance. None of my friends did yoga so amongst yogis I felt like I was in Heaven!!!
    I did it all. Kundalini Yoga, Bikram, Power, Acro, Iyengar, Ashtanga. I hung on every word of my passionate teachers. They led with such big hearts. They loved teaching, and I loved yoga.
    Once I met my late teacher, Acharya Upendra Roy, I made sacrifices, travelling from the airport to the city four nights a week to attend his classes. At that time, I worked three jobs. With Acharya, if you wanted to do his Teacher Training Course he gave you a testing ground of three months. You had to attend a minimum of 4-5 classes a week, and he would then decide if he was going to accept you in his course.
    I did, and the rest if history.
    That taught me that passion is giving it all you’ve got!!! Everything!!! It’s love and devotion. It’s pushing through your skin at times, past safety and precaution and doubts and charging on with passion.
    Then you have practicality. Yes, I love teaching yoga marathons, but many students do not have the freedom of time to participate. There’s kids at home, the need to get ready for work for the next day, to meet and greet your loved ones, to organise, cook, clean, errands etc.
    This term I had to hold off my ceramics class. I love my ceramics class, and I have enjoyed the sticky learning phase. But I had to be closer to home to help with my Dad who was so unwell (but he’s a fighter) and with Autumn colds and flus, more clients are coming for Homeoapathy. So this month, I was practical. It ruled. I look at practicality as the “safe” outcome or, at times, what’s “acceptable”. Practical jobs, practical love, practical routines, practical friendships. I asked my Mum for her thoughts about practicality. She said it’s simple and it works.
    As a Yogi I seek the balance – in my body, in my heart, my soul and spirit.

    Greece Retreat 2020

    Are you ready for Greece 2020? I’m hosting an amazing, personalised yoga retreat in the country were every beach is a shade of blue that cannot be described, where history is everywhere, where the fruits and vegetables are astonishingly tasty because they have not been tainted by a plethora of chemicals and where people are out socialising and having fun after 12 midnight (and that’s on weekdays!)

    There will be two one-week retreats. Choose between Retreat #1 from 14th– 20th July 2020, or Retreat #2 from 21st to 27th July 2020 (or join for the whole two weeks for a special rate!)

    We will visit two islands during each week with a choice of Santorini, Syros, Kefalonia, Ithaki, Mylos, Hydra and Amorgos. The final decision about what islands we visit will depend on bookings and client demand J

    Inclusions: Travelling with me, accommodation, transportation, sight-seeing, food, yoga, holistic therapies, meditation, fitness, health coaching and fun. You will be required to arrange and pay for your own flights.

    Early bird special: Book and pay in full by 31st December 2019 and receive a special rate of $4,500 Australian dollars for one week. Book and pay after 31st December, for a standard rate of $5,200 for one week. OR join for the entire two week period for the special rate of $7,000.

    The retreat is open to students of the studio as well as others – including international guests.

    Requirements: You need to be open for adventure and ready to hear me chanting: Adventure before Dementia!

    Contact me to find out more!