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SPECIAL PRANA WHEEL WORKSHOP 11:00am – 1:00pm – Saturday 24th September $45 (pre-booked) or $55 on the day The Prana wheel is designed to cultivate flexibility in the spine and open the heart. Prana Wheel workshops are designed for you to expirience the benefits that come with regular use of a Prana wheel. You will […]

Change is scary….but yoga = change

Change is overwhelming. Change is inevitable. Change is movement. Change is necessary. My year so far has been a year of constant change, on every single level of my life and at times I have been left feeling crushed, exhausted, exhilirated, surprised, scared and excited. Why can’t change happen in an orderly fashion? Why does the […]

Why I love, love, love Down Dogs

Adho Mukha Svanasana – otherwise known as Downward Facing Dog. I just love, love, love Down Dogs, and if you are reading this and have attended any of my classes in the past or present you are nodding your head and chanting YES, I KNOW! I incorporate the asana in all of my classes to link and to […]

NATURE, BREATHING AND YOGA: A call to practicing outdoors

As a summer lover – (regardless of my painful experience getting bitten by a blue bottle this weekend while swimming. This blue bottle had such power, it made my arm burn and double in pain for 24 hours. I loved the ambulance staff that attended to me. So helpful and reassuring. Deep gratitude) – I […]

Persian Yoga Introductory Workshop 31st January

Book now for this special session on 31st January! Join an amazing introductory yoga workshop taught by Kasha Azad for: An introduction to fundamental Persian Yoga and Circular Strength Training principles An introduction to the use of Meel (Clubs) and Shena (Push-up board) A guided group training session The option to buy equipment on the […]

Celebrating 10 years of yoga at Eleni’s

On Sunday 27th of September I united past, present and future students for the 10 year anniversary celebration of Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio. Having a party was not only to celebrate me – although one of my favourite lines is “it’s all about me” 🙂 – it was to celebrate US!!!! Yogis – our community, […]

Food: before yoga, after yoga and in daily life

I’m always surprised, regardless of the volume of students I teach and communicate with daily, at the following statements: I forgot to eat I might not have enough energy for yoga tonight I have not had lunch / a snack / enough food I have not had breakfast Eleni, I ate too much, I’m feeling: […]

It started with Madonna

Yoga was not an initial love experience for myself. I don’t believe I was too great at it. I tried so hard and I’m sure I pulled a few muscles along the way! It eventually became my Saturday morning ritual for a solid two year frame at Yoga Synergy. I was 25 years old. Who influenced […]