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Persian Yoga Introductory Workshop 31st January

Book now for this special session on 31st January! Join an amazing introductory yoga workshop taught by Kasha Azad for: An introduction to fundamental Persian Yoga and Circular Strength Training principles An introduction to the use of Meel (Clubs) and Shena (Push-up board) A guided group training session The option to buy equipment on the […]

Celebrating 10 years of yoga at Eleni’s

On Sunday 27th of September I united past, present and future students for the 10 year anniversary celebration of Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio. Having a party was not only to celebrate me – although one of my favourite lines is “it’s all about me” 🙂 – it was to celebrate US!!!! Yogis – our community, […]

Food: before yoga, after yoga and in daily life

I’m always surprised, regardless of the volume of students I teach and communicate with daily, at the following statements: I forgot to eat I might not have enough energy for yoga tonight I have not had lunch / a snack / enough food I have not had breakfast Eleni, I ate too much, I’m feeling: […]

It started with Madonna

Yoga was not an initial love experience for myself. I don’t believe I was too great at it. I tried so hard and I’m sure I pulled a few muscles along the way! It eventually became my Saturday morning ritual for a solid two year frame at Yoga Synergy. I was 25 years old. Who influenced […]