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Health – my approach

We have down dogged, balanced and lengthened through and already reached midway through the year!!! Hello Winter 2017. I’m in awe of everyone’s dedication, how much you have improved in your Yoga practise and also how you have welcomed guided relaxation and meditation more and more into your classes. Yoga is the tool that saw my own wellbeing improve out of sight. The […]

All about the March yoga retreat

It was the first retreat of the year and what was on everyone’s mind: Is the rain going to stop? With the blessings of the universe, there was clear, stunning, hot weather all weekend. I jam packed the car with everything but the kitchen sink and I was so grateful that yogi Emily helped by letting us […]

Callala Beach Yoga Retreats 2017

Situated in the beautiful Jervis Bay region of the South Coast of NSW, is Callala Beach. Join me for a fabulous yoga getaway to this incredible location, staying in a quaint house, and a weekend of beach yoga, relaxation, meditation, swimming, fitness and delicious, freshly made food. There are only 8 places available for each retreat. Dates: Retreat #1: 4pm […]

The year that was 2016 (and what’s up in 2017!)

2016 was the year where I started teaching without a wall in front of me in a split room position and carpet burn (hahaha!) It was a crazy set up but it worked for 11 years!!! 2016 was the year that I opened my studio in a new location and it became OUR new yoga […]

Special workshop

SPECIAL WORKSHOP Saturday 5th Of November 10:30am-12:30pm Workshop with Johnny (@talldarkandhanstand) Join us for this fun workshop featuring handstand and upside down fundamentals with a funky Vinyasana flow component. Bookings are essential! Cost: $40 for members, $45 for non-members

Be careful, because you might have fun

As I’m embarking on the 12th year of my studio, I have to say it’s not always been easy. Small business ventures are hard!!!! In every sector of our community. I have struggles the same as everyone else. What has helped me constantly is that my day is filled with  bursts of fun. Yep, I […]


SPECIAL PRANA WHEEL WORKSHOP 11:00am – 1:00pm – Saturday 24th September $45 (pre-booked) or $55 on the day The Prana wheel is designed to cultivate flexibility in the spine and open the heart. Prana Wheel workshops are designed for you to expirience the benefits that come with regular use of a Prana wheel. You will […]

Change is scary….but yoga = change

Change is overwhelming. Change is inevitable. Change is movement. Change is necessary. My year so far has been a year of constant change, on every single level of my life and at times I have been left feeling crushed, exhausted, exhilirated, surprised, scared and excited. Why can’t change happen in an orderly fashion? Why does the […]

Why I love, love, love Down Dogs

Adho Mukha Svanasana – otherwise known as Downward Facing Dog. I just love, love, love Down Dogs, and if you are reading this and have attended any of my classes in the past or present you are nodding your head and chanting YES, I KNOW! I incorporate the asana in all of my classes to link and to […]

NATURE, BREATHING AND YOGA: A call to practicing outdoors

As a summer lover – (regardless of my painful experience getting bitten by a blue bottle this weekend while swimming. This blue bottle had such power, it made my arm burn and double in pain for 24 hours. I loved the ambulance staff that attended to me. So helpful and reassuring. Deep gratitude) – I […]