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Gotta move, gotta groove, gotta breathe, gotta live

Part 1: Gotta Breathe. Gotta Live.

The title of this blog came first, and then I expressed it in writing. 

We hold with bated breath, but, we don’t allow ourselves to stop at times; awaken the senses, go through the motions and practice conscious breathing. Yes you all tell me in class, ‘we’re breathing Eleni, otherwise we would be dead’ BUT are we really breathing? And are we mindful of its true gift? 

Breathing – taking that steady inhalation, is the most thoughtful step you can do for yourself this minute even as you’re reading my blog (hopefully) … 

I become acutely aware of the session of breathing, of the act, every time I have to take instruction, to listen, to teach, to participate, to wait.  

I tell myself to breath when I fear. 

I was paddling from Cronulla Beach to Shark Island with the masters group I train with every Friday. This was my second paddle around Shark Island. But this particular afternoon there was only four of us training and I was on a lighter Board (which for me means of a higher chance of falling off), and if you lose the board you have to swim for a LONG time to get back. I had to be conscious of my breath there was not a moment of doubt, especially as I lost view of the other 3 Ocean Warriors. The only way was to get through was to breathe, to push out fear and not to panic. I had to be clear headed about where I was heading with the waves ahead otherwise I would be pushed into the rocks. 

If you take the time to breathe, to feel the motion of the steady tide and take a breath in and out you can think, assess, protect, fight, run, and work through what’s really going on, instead of holding your breath in anticipation.  

I have become a bit of lover of fear, I thrive on diving into zones of discomfort, but with the knowledge and support of a group, teacher and immense passion with what I undertake. 

That’s the beautiful aspect of being in a class, you are supported by ME, but also the energy, compassion and open hearted souls of the group. It is our breath that will make us go past the big unexpected waves and if or when we get pushed to the danger zone, (I truly wish it never does to us), I know that I will be able to regroup and start again.

You Gotta Live!!!! I love routine and we need routines, but are we really living? Feeling, touching, talking, eating with our hands, rolling in grass, travelling, having blocks of time of freedom to do nothing or everything 😉 Does life begin and end on the weekend?  

Living is such a gift, that I feel should be treated and experienced with such grace, compassion and truthfulness.  

Living is not looking at a Screen all day, both waking and non-waking hours, living is not avoiding human contact or nature. 

Living is can’t be eating and drinking everything from a plastic container. 

Let’s make living exciting!!!! 

I think a realistic start for all of us, is too live and appreciate the present moment. 

You may be in class on Monday but thinking about something that needs to be done at work?on Wednesday. We are missing the now, the present, the fulfilment of this minute, this hour.

I feel that everytime you are in a performance concert when everyone is filming, they are just not enjoying the moment. They are stressing about getting the right angle to film, to post, to #. Ughhhhhhhhh too much hard work. They have missed the essence of the moment. 

For me living is participating in new experiences and actions, that includes every time I plan workshops for the yoga studio, retreats as well as the up and coming trip to Greece for myself as well as yogis who want to join. 

What enhances your Prana, your joy, your daily Living? 

Please write and express to me and I will include it in the second part of this blog: Gotta Groove, Gotta Move.