August reflection

Happy August!!!!!

Many of you are celebrating Leos in your life, or perhaps you are a fabulous Leo like my Mum. Personally I’m celebrating this last month as the countdown to the time we will escape winter and enter Spring. But of most significance this month – is that on 22nd of August 2005, I registered my Yoga studio as a business. 12 years in business. Something which I never even dreamed of.
In 2005 I made the conscious decision that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to run a holistic health space for yoga, meditation, relaxation, movement, creativity, healing, homeopathy, natural products and anything to support our individual health, which reaches out to our families and friends, our community and the planets. Did I hit the brief??
I started with no financial back up, there are no investors or partners. Doubts and fears, you ask? How much time do you have to read this?
It could not have lasted if these two crucial elements were not present:
1: My mum (Gina, Ginsky, real name-Regina Anna) who has continually given me the support, the will, and the abundant confidence to make me feel like I could do anything!!!!!! When someone believes in you it’s the Biggest Bonus of Life. Believe me, at times I have lost the courage. I have felt so down, so overwhelmed and doubtful. Questioning how I could I continue? Am I crazy?? Love you GIIINNNAAAA!
2: YOU!!!!!! You Yogi out there reading this, you are the reason I am living my dream. Through the years you have recommended me to your closest and dearest. How blessed am I to have students like you!!! You truly are the best. No matter if you have attended my classes for a short period of time, a few months, 7-8 years or even 12 years!!! You have learned from me, but I also have learned from you.
I have built an extensive Homeopathic practise – my second profession and you have trusted me with your emotional and physical disharmonies.
So many yogis are my friends and confidantes. I love it!!
When I started there was no social media, no websites. Just a phone number!!! A world of no Instagram (WT?!)
It’s been an emotional last few days as I have been reading old diary entries about my love of Yoga and teaching, which was unleashed in 2002. Reading my reflections really cemented that this is my calling.
Lots of plans for Spring and Summer, so watch out Yogis!!!
On Tuesday 22nd August there will be a Yoga Marathon beginning 5:30pm and finishing 8:30/9:00pm. Birthdays are about birthday cake and I have been in deep thought about what cake it will be 🙂  You can attend as a normal class starting 5:30 till 7pm or stay until 8:30/9pm if you still have the energy. Normal cost of class will apply (I will make sure if you are leaving at 7pm that you will get some cake!)
Oh, and there will be prizes. Super exciting.
Love to you all. Let we embrace Yoga and it’s foundation of unity.