The year that was 2016 (and what’s up in 2017!)

2016 was the year where I started teaching without a wall in front of me in a split room position and carpet burn (hahaha!)
It was a crazy set up but it worked for 11 years!!!
2016 was the year that I opened my studio in a new location and it became OUR new yoga studio.  I was (and still am) so excited to start a new chapter for Eleni’s. At times, I’m overwhelmed, but I also feel this has just been my calling in life.
2016 was the year that I started to host fabulous workshops with amazing yogis and teachers of different disciplines of movement. Persian Yoga and Circular Strength Training with Kashi, a Prana Wheel Workshop with Sara from Ocean Love Yoga, Johnny Ivan Vasilj taught Fundamentals of Handstands and we even held an Introductory Workshop To Hooping with Spin Joy Hoop Dance.
In 2016, the most popular classes on the timetable were Saturday 8:30am General Yoga and Monday 7pm Open Yoga.
In 2016, the least attended class was Monday 5:30pm Gentle Yoga and Meditation.
In 2016, as in the past, there was a surge of new students from all walks of life.
And 2o16 was the year where more than ever more male students entered the yoga space and were willing to explore and make it a weekly ritual for themselves.
In 2016, students attend two classes a week on average, which is fabulous!!! I truly hope some more yogis will start making that commitment (you will not regret it.)
In 2016, I taught a crazy number of classes – around 565 (not including my own practise and self-development workshops). I also took the step to cancel classes which at times had less than 3 or 4 students booked to attend (so please confirm your attendance and bookings!)
In 2016, I planked around 1,980 times, lunged 2,000 times and did about 3,000 down dogs. My forearm plank stories were either extreme entertainment or lately very sedate as I am having a hiatus from dating. My swearing and talking in class have remained consistent.
In 2016, more students than ever booked in for Homeopathic consultations. My orders for remedies increased 200%.
In 2016, the most popular food on the yoga menu was Gina’s Vegetarian Gemista and Coconut Rice Puddings.
In 2016, the most purchased holistic products were eye bags, summer body oil and eco sustainable yoga mats.
And now it’s 2017!
So, what’s ahead?? More fabulous workshops and yoga classes with Sunday mornings dedicated to outdoors.
Yoga Freedom Retreats, in Australia and Greece. No timetables, no strict itineraries. Not for the fainthearted, but you will not regret it. Adventure, yoga, ocean, movement and creativity. A total commitment to you. Stay tuned.
In 2017, I hope the world will become a more peaceful place.
There are loving, caring souls out there. I encounter them every day. I feel blessed that you share your personal journeys with me. We travel through such challenging moments in our lives but I also feel you yogis have been there for me.
I am truly grateful.
Big love everyone and see you on your mat sometime in 2017