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Goodbye Bexley North

Bexley North, I say goodbye to you.

After 15 years and two studio spaces, I have decided not to renew my lease at the current site. Therefore, the last official day for Eleni’s Yoga Studio being based in Bexley North will be 10 June 2020.

The reason is quite simply that the new lease has a price increase that I do not feel is in my interest – especially considering the studio has been closed since 23 March.

The good news is that I am organising a new yoga space in Clemton Park. It’s beautiful. There’s still a bit of work to get it ready, but I will be ready to start teaching indoors later this month. The new studio will not be as big as our current location but it will mean I can continue my business without going broke or putting myself into debt. Stay tuned for more details.


Outdoor classes have resumed

In accordance with Stage 1 easing of restrictions, I am offering daily outdoor yoga classes with a total of no more than 10 people. Available classes are advertised through my social media platforms. Once you book by text / messenger, I will then communicate the location. I will also text yogis who are not on social media.

Unfortunately it’s too cold and dark for evening classes so all classes will be during the day time.

There are currently no timetables or online bookings available, and no new purchases of memberships – all classes will be offered at casual class rates only. Any existing pre-paid passes can also be used.

Remember we need to adhere to social distancing requirements and please DO NOT attend class if you are sick in any way.


Homeopathic Consultations are currently by phone. Remedies can be delivered. Aconite and Gelsemium should be in everyone’s kits.

Yoga / lifestyle clothing can be posted. You may as well look hot and stylish while we are in lockdown!! hehehe

Regina’s vegetarian and vegan food can also be delivered.

Let’s keep calling and touching base with one another to support and strengthen our humanity. We are all in this together. I’ll keep communicating with the yoga tribe too.

Most immediate updates will be made through the Yoga studio’s  Facebook page and my Instagram account: @eleniyogi.

Big virtual hugs and kisses,


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Yoga classes

At Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio, I offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes to transform and energise your muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood flow as you focus on realigning, moving and stabilising with control and passion.


Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine which aims to promote general health by reinforcing the body’s own natural healing capacity. The emphasis in homeopathy is to treat the whole person rather than merely concentrating on a set of symptoms.

Yoga 4 kids

The same benefits that are achieved in our adult classes apply to little people and, most importantly, Yoga 4 Kids teaches lifelong lessons, setting your children up for a healthy future.

Yoga @ work

You don’t always need to come to the studio to experience the benefits of yoga. Eleni’s offers mobile yoga, relaxation and fitness programs for individuals, groups and the corporate sector, where I come to your workplace.

Food & holistic

The studio also offers a selection of healthy vegetarian foods for sale and holistic products including all-natural body care products, soy candles, books and cds, and of course yoga mats and eye pillows.

In 2020, I have added “Yoga Clothing Designer” to my list of services! I always wanted a particular style but could not find it. So of course my solution was to make what I want and it’s now available for sale at the studio.

The current line has the following.

Classic Yoga Black Pants: Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Khaki Green Yoga Pants: XS, S, M, L, XL

Sage Green Yoga Pants: S, M, L

Leopard Print Pants: One size only

Black or Leopard T-Back Top – form fitting in the right places: One size only
Also available in long design (small holes, super airy, non-sticky)

Here’s what our clients are saying

Eleni’s passion for yoga is infectious! Her classes are tailored to each individual no matter how many participants there are and no matter what your personal need. The studio is a lovely, friendly environment that makes yoga practice a joy. Eleni makes sure each person is catered for while not putting pressure on you to be perfect or correct. Eleni’s yoga classes have become an integral part of my life and have contributed to better health in general. I can feel a steady improvement over the 3 years I have been practicing with Eleni and I would encourage anyone to give it a try!

Thank you Eleni for the spirit of yoga, embodied in how you teach and the respect and care you show for each student you work with. I can really say that practising at your studio has been a life booster. I joined at a time when I thought I had no time and no connection to my inner life. Simply by going, trying and being inspired by your effort and energy and by the diverse  group of people in the room, I have reconnected to my strength and deepened my ability to enjoy everyday life. Your studio is created with love and determination and truly supports peace in living.

My yoga and meditation practise are an important part of my quest for wellbeing and self care.  Each week my practise helps to realign and balance me, I feel more present and ready for what life brings my way next. I love going to the studio to reconnect with Eleni, my Yogi friends and importantly with myself each week. Thanks Eleni for opening my world up to this practise, it has enhanced my life and thanks for the ongoing support and commitment you show your students.

Having recently migrated to Australia I was looking to find “my studio” and boy did I! Eleni and her students welcomed me since day one. What a Bexley North gem! Eleni is an all around great teacher and person – inside and out. She offers a vast array of classes and even if you go to the same class each week they are always very different – practicing new moves and perfecting moves you’ve done for years. I recommend Eleni’s yoga studio to anyone who has a curiosity to start yoga or who already has a passion for the practice. Eleni and her students will welcome you with open arms!


Eleni’s classes are the highlight of my week! She is an inspiring teacher who nurtures our individuality and spirit. With her ongoing guidance I have been able to break through goals on both a physical and mental level. With adaptable and personable classes I highly recommend it for body, mind and soul.


After a year of being sick with constant tonsillitis I was referred to Eleni by a friend. I went completely unaware of what exactly Homeopathy was but open-minded to try anything. When I told Eleni I’d been suffering from tonsillitis the entire winter, she said “easy” and I have never had tonsillitis since. Eleni has opened my mind to Homeopathy and has helped me through some difficult times in my life. I find it liberating to having or using a natural remedy to treat things other than normal or western medicine that can be overly prescribed. I can truly say that Homeopathy and attending Eleni’s Yoga and Meditation classes has been crucial in changing my life around. I am more focused, centred, healthy, and mentally and physically strong and confident. Eleni: thank you for your big caring heart, your spirit and energy.

It is always a pleasure to be involved in Eleni’s yoga classes. Eleni is a happy, bubbly, caring teacher. She has the ability to make everyone special and is very encouraging of her students. She is an expert, highly qualified yogi herself and her abilities are second to none. Attendance at Eleni’s classes provides expert tuition, encouragement and care to ensure students achieve their very best whilst ensuring their safety and enjoyment. Plus, each class is a hell of a lot of fun! For me, Eleni’s class is the best way to relax after a hard day’s work. But, watch out, those same classes can leave you high on endorphins for hours or even days after!
Attending your yoga classes has changed my life physically and mentally. I’m stronger and more flexible. I feel happier and more balanced. The positive energy you put into every single class makes it a real treat to attend and I always leave feeling grateful and inspired. I join your classes because it makes me a better, healthier and happier person – so thank you.

“After the birth of my first baby I felt I needed to start some sort of exercise in order to get my strength back and help me handle the demanding role of being a Mum. After attending my first Yoga class with Eleni, I was hooked. The classes are engaging, fun and personal and there has been a significant improvement in my strength, flexibility and fitness by attending weekly classes. Eleni is a pocket rocket, full of energy, passion, a deep understanding of Yoga’s principles and she cares for all her students. The meditation and quiet time at the end of each class is so essential in this day and age where everyone is so busy. I highly recommend Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio.”


“Eleni is an amazing teacher, she has a fun, bubbly, warm, infectious personality. She genuinely cares about every person who comes to class and caters to everyone’s needs by giving variations according to their physicality. I find her classes challenging and a lot of fun. She has gotten my body snowboard-ready for the winter season for years now and I couldn’t imagine her not in my life.”


“The studio hosts a one stop shop – providing a variety of workouts, yoga for all ages, meditation, homeopathy and delicious food – it’s an unpretentious place that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Eleni is one of the most positive, motivating and inspirational people I have ever met. Eleni encourages us to do our very best and pushes us to our limit (something I wouldn’t do on my own). I would highly recommend Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.”


“Eleni has demonstrated to me her exceptional talent as a Yoga and meditation teacher. Her natural down-to-earth style speaks from the heart as she senses the anguish or exhilaration being experienced by her students. Through Eleni’s skills I have been able to lower my blood pressure well into the normal range, grow fingernails to the point where they need routine manicure and rebalance my immune system so that the markers are within the recommended range. I believe that these transparent and tangible outcomes are evidence of Eleni’s patience, encouragement, insight and sensitivity towards her students, and foremost, her skills in communicating the fundamental concepts of yoga and meditation that contribute to a healthy body.”


“A lovely place to do yoga. Very relaxing and envigorating. Eleni is great!”


“Love her work! And now love yoga! Thanks Eleni. You’re so motivating and a great teacher of yoga”


“Eleni’s enthusiasm is infectious.She has helped me greatly with my fitness level and always gives each person in the class her depth and commitment.”


Meet Eleni

Eleni Leontsini is the owner of Eleni’s Yoga and Movement Studio. She is a nationally registered and accredited yoga teacher and homeopath and winner of the AHA Award for Best Clinical Trainee at the 2007 SCHM Graduation.

She has been running her studio is inner south west Sydney for 14 years.

Her late, great teacher Acharya Upendra Roy would always say yoga is a way of life. 

To Eleni, it is life. Read more

House to rent in Athens!

If you’re planning a trip to Greece and you want to stop and explore Athens before or after you head to the Greek islands, I have a great house that’s available for rent. It’s located in Kaisariani, which is:

5 min walk to bus stop
10 min by bus to Evagelismos station (the Metro)
15 min by bus to the center of Athens (Syntagma)
A 25-35 min run or walk to Lycavitos
And close to Ymittos, a beautiful mountain reserve, for bushwalking and exploring the Monastery or continue to Galopoula for your Frappe and Spanakopita.

Includes an easy to use kitchen, a lounge area for chilling out, wi-fi, one bedroom with built in wardrobes. airconditioning. Sofa in the lounge room opens to another bed. Great space for up to 4 people!